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Letter: Thanks to Hamilton for 'Good Food' efforts

By Cecilia Bofah, Worthington

Good food retailers such as grocery stores, farmers’ market, mobile markets, food bands, and other suppliers of fresh and affordable foods play a critical role in our health. Therefore, improving healthy food access in our rural communities can and will impact low income communities, aging population as well as communities of color.

Anyone who cares about the health of Minnesotans owes Rep. Rod Hamilton a thank you. Last year he was the chief sponsor of bipartisan legislation to create the Good Food Access Fund, a program designed to provide loans and grants and other forms of assistance to make it easier for Minnesotans to access healthy and affordable foods. The program will help businesses and small towns open stores or other food outlets in communities as well as maintain already existing corner stores and grocery stores. This program can also help set up other innovative solutions like mobile grocery stores which are much more

relevant in our small towns.

This year, Rep. Hamilton is once again leading a bipartisan effort to fully fund The Good Food Access Program. Seniors and families living in rural areas will be the key beneficiaries of this effort, as will everyone else, because better access to healthy and affordable food makes us healthier and stronger as a county, city and state.