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Letter: Specific details lacking on tax reform plan

By Dale Cuperus, Lakefield

The opinion piece by U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley in the Nov. 15 Globe did not increase my knowledge as to the details of the "tax reform" legislation moving through the U.S. Senate at the present time. I saw all kinds of flowery words and many catch phrases to score political points but no specific details to inform me how this legislation would affect my taxes or anyone else's tax obligation. This alone is bothersome. However, what I really find worrisome is that I have not been able to find understandable details using other sources. I even watched two hours of committee hearings on C-SPAN, which only left me with more questions about the specific details.

I find this proposed legislation to have been rushed through both houses of Congress. The normal committee process has not been used. This is not just my opinion. Senator McCain has stated this also and urged his fellow senators to follow the established process usually used for major legislation like the tax reform legislation. Why? Why? Why? I believe citizens are entitled to clear information concerning legislation.

This proposed legislation could affect our federal income tax system for the next 30 years. Why are our political leaders (Senator Grassley sits on the committee writing this tax bill) not educating us citizens fully by sending out understandable details to be printed in newspapers?