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Letter: District 518 students deserve proper environment for learning

By Lon Lien, Worthington

What’s wrong with the schools in Worthington Independent School District 518? Nothing! And by that, I mean a good, proper and adequate education is provided for all who are willing to learn. Many have received and been

nurtured by a quality education here in Worthington, myself included. Thank you to the teachers, administrators, school board members, coaches, custodians, counselors, librarians, cooks and parents. Most of the aforementioned — and I apologize to any others not mentioned — devoted their entire career to the worthy cause of educating us and our children. Because of the foresight of elected officials of many decades ago, schools are a mainstay in our society. I cannot imagine where society would be today if we had been left to our own devices in terms of education.

Quality education can only be valued by the dedication of the educators, proper curriculums and adequate places in which to be taught. This brings me to the question at hand. Not, do we see a lack of dedication by the educators or inadequate curriculums, but are the current facilities providing a proper environment to foster the quality of learning the students deserve?

I attended several public forums directed at informing voters of the overcrowding in the district’s buildings and the need to pass a levy referendum to alleviate the problem of conducting classes in storage rooms and of sharing classroom space. I listened as tearful teachers pleaded for a classroom — a classroom! This should be an utmost priority. The children of our district should not be subjected to any sort of distractions that would lessen their ability to learn. Students first!

People of ISD 518, I implore you to put aside any selfish thought and to support the upcoming levy referendum. As for me, out of gratitude for the education I was given through the generosity of the citizens of ISD 518 of the past, I will vote yes in February. I would add that I also support the parochial schools in this district as well. Please vote your conscience and join me in supporting this worthy cause.