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Letter: ‘Yes’ vote is a commitment to our children

By Helen Brands, Worthington

Fellow citizens of Worthington: it’s time we unite and positively look at the referendum vote coming Feb. 13.

You all have had opportunity to share opinions and give suggestions. The board has responded — cutting the dollars requested by 10 million. We need additional classroom space as our community continues to grow. The actual need is for four additional classrooms per YEAR.

District 518 is committed to educating our children. As you do at home both personally and at your job (including farmers), you upgrade your technology to do things better. Our schools need to do the same.

If this vote fails, other options for having access to adequate classroom space are being considered. This includes what is being done in California — school is in session year-round. Children will be assigned to different rotations. Families with more than one child in school could potentially have a child assigned to different rotations and have children in school all year long. Is that what you want? That’s what a “no” vote could do.

We don’t need outsiders telling our community what it needs. We don’t bring in outsiders telling us how to raise our children. We’re educated people and recognize what’s best for our children. Please drop personal biases and support our educational system with your “yes” vote.