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Letter: Would Parry listen to all sides? Doubtul

State Sen. Mike Parry speaks at the Blue Line Café in Worthington Friday afternoon during a 10-city campaign tour through southwest Minnesota.

After reading about last Friday's campaign stop by just-announced GOP candidate for Congress Mike Parry, I have to take issue with the suggestion that his record as a member of the Minnesota Senate since 2010 shows he could "work together with all bodies and listen to different viewpoints to help solve an issue."

Is this the same Mike Parry who, in his Twitter statement, referred to President Obama as a "power-hungry, arrogant black man?" The same Sen. Parry who suggested that Gov. Mark Dayton should resign after only seven months in office? It doesn't sound to me like someone who is ready to develop a good working relationship with anyone on the other side of the political aisle.

We in the Worthington area and across southern Minnesota expect our leaders to work together with all sides in a civil manner to do what's best for our communities, not someone whose first instinct is to resort to immature ranting about other elected officials. Luckily, we already have a representative we can be proud of in Tim Walz. I'll be happy to give him my continued support.