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Area drivers set to compete for sprint car races Friday in Worthington

WORTHINGTON -- For Jesse Drost, Friday will be a chance to stay close to home.

"I've raced just about every class of cars there is out here on the Worthington race track in the previous years of my racing career," Drost said. "For me to come back here and race on it with sprint cars -- I'm really looking forward to it."

Friday night, the Jackson Speedway Touring Series Sprint Cars will visit the Nobles County Speedway, where Drost hopes to compete at a high level.

"I'm not a seasoned sprint car driver by any means," Drost said, "but my plan is to try my best to win this thing in front of so many familiar faces."

Primarily a sprint car driver, Drost hasn't had many opportunities to return to Nobles County Speedway in recent years.

"Normally, the weekly races out here consist of basically fendered cars," Drost said. "They don't have sprint cars out here every week. It's going to be kind of a big deal."

After a rough start to the year, Drost and his team have improved in the past two weeks.

Drost started the year with a did not finish at Huset's Speedway (Brandon, S.D.), but finished fifth in his first attempt at Jackson Speedway, and then finished third in his third race of the season.

"For just getting started, I think we're doing pretty well," Drost said.

Spending the first two and a half years driving someone else's car, Drost is currently driving a car owned in part by his father.

"My crew, my dad and I are the ones who take care of the car all week," Drost said. "So, it's my car to sit in as long as I want to sit in it."

But no matter the car, Drost expects some tough competition Friday night.

"There are going to be a lot of good drivers," Drost said. "I'm expecting anywhere from 18 to 25 360 sprint cars. Being on a Friday night in Worthington, they are going to draw some cars from the West. It should be some pretty good competition."

One difference for Drost in making the transition from Jackson to Worthington Friday will be the track's length.

Jackson is approximately a half-mile, while Nobles County Speedway is between one-quarter and three-eighth of a mile.

"You're going to have a lot more traffic to deal with because the track is shorter," Drost said. "Everybody is going to stay bunched together tighter, and everything is going to happen so much quicker."

With all the new challenges and quality drivers descending on Nobles County Speedway Friday, fans are in for quality racing.

"I'd encourage anybody and everybody to come out and see this show," Drost said. "It should be a pretty good one."