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'Blast-from-the-Past' Quiz

WORTHINGTON -- Here it is already the first week of July. The year of 2008 is now half over and the days of summer -- although they should start getting hotter -- are gradually getting shorter each day.

The upcoming high school athletic seasons are now a mere 39 days from the opening of fall practice.

As this summer continues, I will again be writing some "blast" features about past amateur baseball teams and players.

But before I get to that next topic, I would like to reminisce a bit about the past -- past "blasts" that is -- and run a little quiz containing questions about people, places and events that have been featured in previous "blasts-from-the-past."

So here goes, let's try 18 questions:

In what month and year was my first "Blast" written?

What two schools battled for the Southwest Conference football championship on a Monday night in 1971?

What two Southern Star Conference football teams played in front of an overflow crowd on a Monday night in 1977?

What was "Bunge's Brigade" -- which "new" sport was it involved with, during which decade and at which school?

Harold Henning, Dominick Damm and Pete Johnson were the "Big Three" on which two teams that earned back-to-back state runner-up finishes in the early 1990s?

What was the most popular first name on the starting five of the legendary 1960 Edgerton state championship basketball team?

Kent Borchardt was the star of which district championship basketball team? Be specific tell me the school, the district and the year!

Which two schools -- beginning with the same letter -- battled for the 1966 District 7 boys' basketball championship?

Marvin Wood was the basketball coach at which school, which did the impossible in the early 1950's (hint -- this one is not local, but became more famous nationwide in the middle 1980s)?

Who did the Worthington girls beat in the "Game of all Games" in the 1997 Section 2AAA championship game?

Keith, Dale and Bill were the big scorers on which area boys' basketball team that went undefeated through the Southern Star Conference -- in the year that "American Pie" was a blockbuster hit -- before a two-point loss in the district finals?

Who were the "thumbodies "and what did they accomplish in March of 1977?

Which group of high school kids -- that had amazing success at the state level in the middle 1980's -- loved to play a noon-hour game called "kickover" as young elementary kids?

Karmel. Marty, Diane and Julie were the "fab four" on which high school girls' 4x800 that was a dominating team in the middle 1980s?

Which area 1960s athlete starred at the Trojan Relays and -- after playing at South Dakota State -- played pro football briefly in the Canadian Football League?

The 1960s amateur league playoffs featured the the pitching duel between Bob Gebhardt and Chuck Gageby -- name the teams that Gebhardt and Gageby were pitching for and what year the duel peaked in the regional finals?

Which small town was one of the first to instill lights on its baseball field and was a First Night Leauge powerhouse in the late 40s and early 50s? (The field and the lights no longer exist)

And finally, which former Windom Eagle athlete and modern day official has had the most "ink" in this column?

There you have 18 questions from a variety of time frames and a variety of sports.

Send your answers directly to me -- mail to P.O. Box 281, Heron Lake, MN 56137 or e-mail to me at You could try to call me at 507-793-2723 -- but the mailing or e-mailing may work better.

Good luck -- and look for an amateur baseball feature next time.