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RACING: NCSI completes Nationals

Brian Korthals/Daily Globe Brandon Bosma (23) leads the pack down the back straightaway during Saturday's Worthington Nationals at the Nobles Coiunty Speedway in Worthington.

WORTHINGTON -- The two-day Worthington Nationals, sponsored by Jaycox Implement and Pepsi Cola, started off on Saturday night with qualifying for the sportsman, hobby, B-modifieds, street stock and the USRA modifieds. Also making a stop were the Jackson Speedway Touring Series (JSTS) sprint cars. Racing action finished up on Sunday night with the main event.

The following are results from the features:


As they took the green on Saturday night Scott Winters and Lee Grosz got off quickly, but Mark Toews would get tangled up and bring out the caution. As they went back green, Grosz -- going too high coming out of corner three -- rolled into the guard rail, bringing out the red flag.

With a complete restart, Chad Meyer moved up to the front row and took the green. Jody Rosenboom would spin coming out of corner one, causing a pileup and bringing out the caution. Going green once more Winters took the lead with Gregg Bakker moving into second, Meyer third, Jesse Drost fourth and Jake Peters fifth.

Rosenboom later spun and came to a stop on the track, bringing out another caution.

Winters and Bakker battled for the lead as they retook the green, and Bakker (going on the bottom) got around Winters to take the lead. The top five would go single file until Danny Lee spun, bringing out the caution. As they went back green with 10 laps remaining, Winters moved to the top and took back the lead from Bakker. They went single file to the finish with Winters getting the win. Bakker placed second, Meyer was third, Drost fourth and Peters fifth.


Cory Probst got a good start at the green and pulled up next to Malik Sampson, and two two of them would go three-wide down the front with Dan Probst, who was on the outside. They continued three-wide coming into corner one, where Sampson spun to bring out the caution.

Cory Probst held the top spot with Dan Probst right behind as they went back green. Jenna Klaukas, Brandon Bullerman and Sampson would try and go three-wide, and Bullerman got spun to bring out the caution. Going green, Cory and Dan Probst ran first and second with Brent Hulstein trying to work his way past Dan. Dan was holding him off when Bullerman and Klaukas got together, bringing out another caution.

They would go back green and race single-file to the finish with Cory taking the win and Dan second. Hulstein was third, Klaukas fourth and Bullerman fifth.


Dustin Larson and Jeremy Van Ede brought the drivers around to take the green flag. Larson pulled out front with Van Ede staying close behind. Jerry Groenwold and Justin Luinenburg would go side by side, with Luinenburg getting ahead to take third and leaving Jerry to battle with Dan Strandberg.

John Brignic and Corey Groenwold would get together, with Corey being spun brining out the caution. This put an end to Larson leads, and he had Van Ede and Luinenburg back on his bumper. As they took the green once more, Larson pulled ahead. Van Ede and Luinenburg would go side by side, and Shane Klaassen tried to sneak past both of them. Brandon Bosma would soon spin, bringing out another caution.

Going back green, Klaassen pulled up to go side by side with Luinenburg. Then, coming into corner two, Larson lost a wheel and brought out another caution. Van Ede took the lead with Klaassen and Luinenburg on his bumper. Klaassen would go side by side with Van Ede and Bosma would bring out his second caution, putting an end to his night.

Klaassen took the top spot, and Strandberg had a tire go down to bring out the caution. As they went back green Klaassen held the lead with Van Ede second, Luinenburg third, Jerry Groenwold fourth and Cris Teisler rounding out the top five to the finish.


Dan Ahlers and Jason Fisher took the green and Steve Bents spun coming out of corner two, bringing out the caution flag. Ahlers took the lead as he worked down the back stretch, but as the back of the pack came around corner two a pile up resulted in another caution.

With a full lap not yet completed, the drivers went back green. But, as they came into corner one, Bents gots low and spun, bringing out his second caution and ending his evening. A single file restart saw Ahlers take the lead with Fisher holding second. Jason Andrews and Jeremy Smith were side by side when the caution flag came out for Tom Brown, who had car trouble.

Going back under green, they went single file to the finish with Ahlers taking the win and Fisher placing second. Smith was third, and Chris Letendre and Nick Johanson got by Andrews to round out the top five.

Street Stock

Lynn Panos and Ron Prins brought them around to take the green, and Panos grabbed the lead with Prins close behind. As they came out of corner three Justin Dieter would spin, bringing out the caution. Going back green Prins and Luke Sathoff would stay close behind Panos, and Jim Larson and Brad Klaassen worked their way into the top five.

Prins would later try and get under Panos, but Panos held him off and they went single file to the finish. Panos took the win, Prins was second, Larson third, Sathoff fourth and Klaassen fifth.


As they went green, white, checkered to the finish, Mike Steensma and Don Gerritsen Jr. brought the field around to take the green. Steensma jumped in front, and Gerritsen fell back with Justin Anderson taking second. Mike Hanson was third, Gerritsen fourth and Doug Hilson fifth.

They went single file with Gerritsen and Hilson battling back and forth; Gerritsen would eventually move to the high side to get past. The lead cars work their way around lap traffic to take the checkered flag. Steensma earned the win, Anderson was second, Hanson third, Gerritsen fourth, and Lucas Schott fifth.