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RACING: Nobles County Speedway crowns season champs

WORTHINGTON -- The regular season came to an end Sunday night at the Nobles County Speedway with the crowning of the track champions in each class.

Congratulations to all the Nobles County Speedway and USRA track champions. Also, thanks to all the many people that made this season a success -- the drivers and the fans that showed up week after week, track officials, promoters, the board, the staff in the concession stand, the guys that get the track ready each week, Russell and Linda Schuck for all their work up in the announcers booth, and all the local area businesses that have either sponsored a night of racing action, given a bike away, donated prizes or purchased a billboard at the track. Racing action would not be possible without all of this.

Don't miss your last chance for racing action this season on Saturday night, when Nobles County Speedway hosts its annual Turkey Day race.

Racing action this past Sunday night was sponsored by Hy-Vee of Worthington. Here are the results:


Brandi Kleve and Brad Bohn brought them around to take the green flag, and Bohn (on the high side) took the lead. Jake Schroeder moved into second with Kleve falling back to third, Aaron Betz fourth and Dalton Johnson fifth. Johnson would soon pull in, moving Nikkya Betz into fifth.

The racers would go single file to take the checkered flag with Bohn getting the win. Schroeder was second, Kleve third, Aaron Betz fourth and Nikkya Betz fifth. The hornet class track championship would go to Brandi Dalin Kleve.


Cory Probst and Malik Sampson led the racers to the green flag. Sampson jumped out in front and Cory Probst would soon pull up to go side by side when the caution flag would fly for John Ross.

Going back green, Dan Probst worked his way around Brent Hulstein for third. With Sampson and Cory Probst still battling for the lead, Sampson went high and left the door open for his closest rival. Sampson, though, held him off as they came around for the white flag. Cory Probst and Sampson went side by side with -- with Dan Probst going on the bottom --and Sampson would fall back thanks to a flat tire.

Dan Probst went on to get the win with Cory Probst second and Brandon Bullerman third. Sampson finished fourth, and Hulstein rounded out the top five. The Sportsman track champion for the season was Cory Probst.


Dustin Larson and Jerry Groenwold brought them around to take the green. Larson was out front with Justin Luinenburg and Shane Klaassen had gotten around Jerry Groenwold when Lou Krohn brought out the caution.

Larson was still out front with Klaassen second and Luinenburg third, with Jerry Groenwold, Corey Groenwold and Dan Strandberg going three-wide while in the chase. Corey Groenwold would soon fall back, leaving Jerry Groenwold and Strandberg battling for fourth and fifth.

They went single file to the finish with Klaassen picking up the win. Luinenburg was second, Strandberg third, Jerry Groenwold fourth and Jeremy Van Ede fifth. Hobby track champion went to Jerry Groenwold.


Dan Ahlers and Jeremy Smith led the racers to the green. Both Jason Fisher and Steve Bents fell back, with Tracy Johnson and Jason Andrews getting around them. Bents was trying to work his way back around Andrews when the caution flag flew for Ray Bertrand, who spun coming out of corner four.

Going back green, Johnson, Andrews and Bents went three-wide down the front stretch. Bents moved back into third, and Johnson fell back to fifth. Collen DeRuyter later brought out the caution flag.

As they went back green, Bents would fall back with Johnson and Andrews moving up -- they all went single file to the finish. Dan Ahlers not only went on to get the win, but also captured the track championship. Jeremy Smith was second, Johnson third, Andrews fourth and Bents fifth.

Street Stock

Ron Prins and Rich Gregoire brought them around to take the green flag. Gregoire was ahead and Prins was second. Brad Klaassen was holding third, Luke Sathoff fourth and Kyle Faulk fifth.

They all went single file as Sathoff got around Klaassen for third and Trent Schroeder worked his way up to take the fifth spot. As they went to take the white flag, Prins pulled up next to Gregoire. The two would go side by side down the front stretch to take the checkered flag. Prins took the win -- and the season championship -- with Gregoire second, Sathoff third, Klaassen fourth and Schroeder rounding out the top five.


With the caution flag playing a big part in the last race of the night, Don Gerritsen Jr. and Mike Steensma brought them around to take the green flag. The caution soon flew for Aaron Betz, and as they tried to take the green coming down the front stretch Justin Anderson got sideways and brought out another caution.

Steensma brought them around with Johnny Scott and Josh Reisch in the next row. Steensma and Scott got side by side, with Scott taking the lead, but Steensma got into the back of Scott coming out of corner four to bring out the caution. Scott was still out front, and Chase Junghans and Reisch were going side by side when Anderson and Josh Klay got together, bringing out yet another caution and putting an end to both their nights.

As they took the green once more, Junghans went high and fell back, Steensma, Gerritsen and Betz would go three-wide, with Steensma pulling ahead. Betz then got into the back of Gerritsen, bringing out the caution. Steensma had worked his way back into third when the caution flag flew again.

As they went back green, Steensma got around Reisch for second. They went single file to the white flag and -- as they came out of corner four -- Steensma and Reisch drag-raced to the checkered flag. Scott went on to get the win, Reisch took second and Steensma fell to third. Gerritsen was fourth and Colter Deutsch fifth. The USRA Modified track champion was Don Gerritsen Jr.