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WHS to present Greek mythology comedy

Brian Korthals/Daily Globe Worthington High School cast members Rachel Sternke, (left) and Will Collin rehearse the production of "Greek Mythology Olympiaganza" Thursday afternoon in the cafeteria at WHS.1 / 2
Brian Korthals/Daily Globe A group of students rehearse for tonight's play.2 / 2

WORTHINGTON -- Come snow or more snow, the show must go on.

Amid a week of heavy snowfall and prolonged cancellations, Worthington High School will present "The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza" in the WHS cafeteria at 7 p.m. tonight and Saturday.

"Just go with it," said Director Gillian Singler at Thursday's dress rehearsal. "There is a saying that the show must go on, and this is a perfect example."

A spoof on various Greek myths, such as "The Twelve Labors of Heracles," "Icarus," "The Iliad" and more, the production gives students the opportunity to showcase their theatrical talents and comedic flair.

"I enjoy comedy more," said Dan Anderson, WHS senior, who plays the role of the narrator. "I've never really been that serious in school or in theater productions, so now is my time to shine and not get in trouble for once."

In a classroom-like setting, ancient times will meet modern society as the cast puts a dysfunctional twist on these classic myths.

"They begin to tell various Greek myths, and they basically follow the actual myths," Anderson explained. "They duke it out the whole time and argue, but eventually they finally get to the end and they figure it out."

Laughs will certainly be had, as viewers can expect to see "transformers, hippopotamuses, sirens, a one-man boy band, and everything comedic," said Anderson.

But for students like WHS senior Brianna Darling, who are not naturally comedic, playing a witty character can take some practice.

"The most challenging part has been getting into my role," she said. "I'm like the know-it-all in the play, and it has been hard to transform into that."

Like her peers, WHS senior Brooke Luing is a veteran on the stage. She has been involved in multiple theatrical productions since middle school and is playing the roles of Rhea and Pandora, among others.

She is currently taking a Greek mythology course and has benefited from the concepts she learned in the classroom.

"It's a really good way of showing the funny side of Greek mythology," Luing said. "I think a lot of people who have never heard of the myths will still think it's hilarious. It has the same kind of theme but it's just from a different point of view."

WHS senior Sean Benz, who portrays Heracles and Icarus, highly recommended the play.

"We've put a lot of work into it and when it's all said and done I think it will be a fantastic production," Benz said.