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Knowledgeable WHS students make history

WORTHINGTON -- For the first time in the history of Worthington High School, the Knowledge Bowl team will advance to the state competition.

The thought of competing at the state level is exciting for team members, but it is also quite a feat considering team numbers were down this year.

Knowledge Bowl teams are tested on questions from subjects ranging from foreign languages to geography, political science and random facts.

Teams are traditionally four-member or five-member teams, but because there were only six members on the WHS team this year, Knowledge Bowl coach Pat Rolfes elected to have two teams of three.

The decision to compete with a small team forced members to strengthen their skills, and it also served as a motivator.

The six member team was split into two three-member teams: Nathan Landwehr, Gordy Moore and Isaac Wass; and Thomas Burns, Alex Hayenga and Daniel Anderson.

The team of Landwehr, Moor and Wass will make school history and advance to the state competition next month.

"I think it's a pretty amazing feeling to be able to go to state," Moore said of the team's success this year. "Especially after being close to going to state in cross country and other activities."

Moore, a sophomore at WHS, is involved in an array of activities such as cross country, choir, band and orchestra.

His teammates are also extremely involved in extracurricular activities, and while it may make for a hectic schedule, it is advantageous in exposing them to knowledge in a wide range of subjects.

"You just sort of pick it up and gather knowledge throughout the years, Landwehr, WHS sophomore, said. "I'm hoping this competition will give the team more confidence."

The team's confidence has grown throughout this season, having advanced through sub-section competition and the regional competition.

The next level of competition will be challenging, but it a challenge the team will gladly accept.

"I'm hoping that it (state competition) will increase student interest in Knowledge Bowl and show kids we can compete at a state level in knowledge," Rolfes added. "I'm very excited for the boys. The entire team has worked hard and has practiced well together. I'm really proud of them."

The team has practiced twice a week after school since early December. Their efforts have paid off, but for most team members, it didn't feel like it took much effort at all.

"Of all the activities I have been in or heard of in Worthington High school, Knowledge Bowl is the most laid-back and fun," Wass added. "It's like preparing for a game of Monopoly."

The Knowledge Bowl team will compete at the state tournament on April 7 and 8 in Brainerd.