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RACING: Mother Nature cooperates as NCSI features exciting racing

WORTHINGTON -- Mother Nature finally was kind to Nobles County Speedway on Sunday, and what followed was a great night of racing.

The evening's racing was sponsored by Nobles Cooperative Electric. This Sunday's action will feature the USMTS (United States Modified Touring Series) and the Dart Iron Man Challenge; gates open at 4 p.m. with hot laps at 5:30 p.m. and racing beginning at 6 p.m. More than 100 cars are expected to race at the speedway.

Here's a rundown of Sunday's racing:

NCSI Sportsman

With just four cars, this was a great race to open up the features. They all battled to the end, making it very enjoyable for the fans in the stands.

As they took the green, Elray Sybesma jumped out front with Joey Streeter in second. Streeter would spin coming into corner two, bringing out the caution. Back under green Sybesma, Kenny Johnson and Todd Uhl would go three wide, with Uhl taking the lead. As they went past the halfway mark, however, Uhl spun and dropped back to third. Sybesma retook the lead, and Johnson moved into second.

Coming to the checkered flag, they would go three-wide. Uhl grabbed the top spot, Johnson placed second, Sybesma fell to third and Streeter was fourth.

USRA Hobby Stocks

Eric Gaul and John Ross brought the other 13 screaming engines around to take the green flag. As it dropped, Brad Halbur and Dan Strandberg quickly moved around to battle for the lead. Strandberg took the top spot and Ross would soon spin, bringing out the caution.

Hulbur, Strandberg, Malik Sampson, Justin Luinenburg and Gaul were in the top five positions going back green. Coming around corner two, Sampson spun to bring out the caution once again. Going green once more Hulbur, Strandberg and Luinenburg would go three-wide with Hulbur falling behind. Strandberg and Luinenburg were battling when Ross and Sampson got together, bringing out the caution.

Strandberg, Luinenburg, Jeremy VanEde, Halbur and Gaul were in the top five places going back green. Strandberg took the lead, but VanEde moved up to battle side by side.

Shane Klaassen quickly made his way into the mix to battle with Strandberg and VanEde, while Luinenburg falls to fourth. Chad Lonnerman and Cory Probst soon get together bring out the caution.

As they went back green Strandberg would fall back to third, with Klaassen and VanEde battling for the lead. They were going back and forth when Clyde Krog spun, resulting in another caution. With just three laps left Klaassen, VanEde, Strandberg, Luinenburg, and Jerry Groenwold held the top five spots, Klaassen and VanEde battled for first and VanEde went too high for yet another caution.

At the checkered flag, Klaassen had the lead and Strandberg was second. Luinenburg was third, Chad Lonnerman fourth and Halbur fifth.

NCSI Micro-Sprints

Brandon Buyss took the lead with Dan Dayscher, Wade Huisman, Tim Hottenbacher and Shane Fick rounding out the top five. Coming out of corner three, Huisman would drive into the rail and roll -- that brought out the red flag.

Going back green, the drivers fell into place as went single-file to the checkered flag. Buyss finished first, Hottenbacher was second, Shane Fick third, Ryan Schuur fourth and Dayscher fifth.


Jason Fisher (on the bottom) and Steve Bents (on the top) battled for the early lead, with Fisher getting the edge. Fisher, Bents, Nick Johanson, Brady Joynt and Tracy Johnson all fell into place on the bottom going single-file.

Johanson tried to move up to get around Bents as the drivers came to the checkered flag, but Fisher held on for the win. Bents retained second, Johanson was third, Joynt fourth and Johnson fifth.

USRA Stock Car

Todd Staley jumped from the second row to take the early lead, but Luke Sathoff and Chris Palsrock did battle behind and Sathoff soon grabbed the edge. Palsrock would soon spin, bringing out the caution.

Sathoff, Staley, Randy Brands, Dustin Larson and Jeffery Larson would assume the top five positions. Going green, Dustin Larson got past Staley for second and Rich Gregoire moved into fourth. Jeffery Larson and Bands fell back.

Dave Peterson and Ricky Prins would later get together, bringing out the caution. As they went back green Sathoff and Dustin Larson held the top two spots, with Staley falling back and Jeffery Larson and Brad Klaassen moving into third and fourth, respectively. After contact between Staley and Brands, Jim Larson worked his way into fifth.

Sathoff got the win, while Jeffery Larson was second Dustin Larson third. Brad Klaassen finished fourth and Jim Larson fifth.

USRA Modified

Brandon Aggen jumped out front, with the No. 95 car (no driver's name was available), Mike Steensma, Rodney Sanders and Don Gerritsen Jr. all in the top five single-file. Steensma made a under No. 95, but not for long -- 95 would take the second spot back and Gerritsen tried to go high for third.

Steensma, Sanders and Gerritsen continued to battle coming to the checkered flag. Aggen held on to take the win, with No. 95 second and Steensma third. Sanders was fourth and Gerritsen fifth.