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Despite storms, NCSI has successful night

WORTHINGTON -- Drivers were racing against Mother Nature on Bedford Technology night Sunday at Nobles County Speedway, as they tried their hardest to get the entire show in before the rains came. They fell just a little short, with all the classes finishing but the A-Modifieds.

NCSI will have racing this Sunday with Fulda Area Credit Union and AmericInn Lodge and Suites as the presenting sponsors. Here are this past Sunday's results:


Joey Streeter, from the pole, took the lead as the green flag dropped. Todd Uhl, Kenny Johnson and Elray Sybesma all fell into line behind.

In a caution-free race, Streeter went on to get the win. Uhl was second, Johnson third and Sybesma fourth.


Tyler Pospisil and Dan Strandberg brought the field of cars around to take the green. Pospisil, going high, fell back, with Strandberg moving out in front. Malik Sampson, Chad Lonnerman, Cory Probst, Jerry Groenwold and the rest of the field would all fall into place and go single file in a caution-free race.

Strandberg went on to get the win, and Sampson placed second. Lonnerman was third, Probst fourth and Groenwold -- who held off Jeremy VanEde -- took fifth.


Ben Wood, on the high side, grabbed the advantage as the green flag dropped. Ryan Schuur, Tim Hottenbacher, Chris Breen and Brandon Buyss rounded out the top five.

Buyss made a move past Breen for fourth when Kris Wilke got into the guard rail on the backstretch, bringing out the caution. As they went back green, Wood continued to lead Hottenbacher and Buyss moved past Schuur.

Wood went on to take the checkered flag and get the win. Hottenbacher was second, Buyss third, Schuur fourth and Breen fifth.


Ray Bertrand and Brady Joynt were in the front row as the drivers go green. Joynt was out front and Bertrand, Collen DeRuyter, Steve Bents and Dan Ahlers were in top five.

DeRuyter and Bents soon got together, bringing out the caution. Going back green, Joynt moved out front and Bents and Ahlers moved past Bertrand for second and third. As Bents and Ahlers raced hard against each other for second, DeRuyter worked his way up to get around Bertrand for fourth.

Coming out of corner four for the checkered, Bents got into the back of Joynt. Bents spun, and Joynt went on to get the win. Ahlers was second, DeRuyter third, Bertrand fourth and Jason Fisher fifth.

Street Stock

As they went green, Dustin Larson took the lead and Corey Groenwold, Jim Larson and Brad Klaassen got together, bringing out the caution. The top five as they went back green were Dustin Larson, Rich Gregoire, Jim Larson, Nathan Wood and Ricky Prins.

Gregoire and Jim Larson went side by side down the back stretch, with Jim taking second. Gregoire and Wood went back and forth for fourth place many times. Groenwold, on the move, got past Klaassen and Prins to take fifth.

Klaassen tried to get under Groenwold for fifth as the drivers raced to the checkered flag. Dustin Larson went on to get the win, with Jim Larson second. Gregoire helds on for third, Wood was fourth and Groenwold fifth.

Points standings (through June 19): USRA Modifieds: Justin Anderson (07) 329; Jason Briese (3) 327; Don Gerritsen Jr. (27) 316; Brandon Aggen (01) 264; Rodney Sanders (20) 262. USRA Stockcars: Dustion Larson (5L) 357; Luke Sathoff (5X) 346; Jim Larson (6L) 345; Jeff Larson (7L) 334; Rich Gregoire (32X) 306. USRA B-Mods: Dan Ahlers (42) 356; Steve Bents (15B) 341; Jason Fisher (14) 338; Brady Joynt (1and) 333; Ray Bertrand (72) 331. USRA Hobby Stocks: Jeremy VanEde (00X) 365; Justin Luinenburg (17) 362; Cory Probst (75C) 337; Chad Lonnerman (17L) 331; Jerry Groenwold (58) 327. NCSI Mini-Sprints: Brandon Buyss (1) 276; Shane Fick (4) 273; Tim Hottenbacher (32T) 264; Ryan Schuur (21) 257; Derek Steen (22S) 252. NCSI Sportsman: Todd Uhl (11T) 395; Joey Streeter (55S) 373; Elray Sybesma (91) 360; Kenny Johnson (MST1) 190.