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Are Food Sensitivities Making You Sick?

I see it all the time -- with friends and family, customers, a coworker -- debilitating conditions such as migraine, fibromyalgia and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). People with these conditions have tried everything under the sun to feel normal again but cannot seem to find something that works. Can you imagine having to know where every bathroom is before you run an errand? What about having to miss your child's graduation because you are confined to your bed with a head-splitting migraine? Or the horrible feeling of helplessness because you are told there is nothing else that can be done to make you better or that it is 'all in your head'?

Today there is an answer that can make you feel like yourself again -- it is called LEAP-MRT, which identifies certain foods that are making you sick. The process includes a blood test that detects which food and food chemicals are causing inflammatory reactions in your body, which in turn can cause migraines, elevate fibromyalgia and be the source of IBS. After the LEAP-MRT test is completed a certified leap therapist (such as myself) will help you make a practical, healthy and delicious meal plan that will help you recover from your symptoms.

LEAP-MRT is a proven scientifically-based test that has been helping people for years. Unlike "miracle supplements" or medications with harmful side effects, this is a program that has been proven effective time after time and does not have any negative risks. Having a trained medical professional guide you through the whole process and creating meal plans makes it practical and tangible.

If you are interested in learning more about LEAP-MRT or want to determine if you are a good candidate for the test, please contact me at the Worthington Hy-Vee: 507-372-7354;

Greta Farley, RD, LD, CLT -- Worthington Hy-Vee In-store Dietitian