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Race action concludes Nobles County Fair

WORTHINGTON -- Worthington Excavating was the sponsor for Sunday night's full slate of racing at Nobles County Speedway. The racing served as a conclusion to the 130th edition of the Nobles County Fair.

This Sunday night will feature three special shows at the speedway, including United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS) competition along with Iron Man Challenges USRA stock cars and B-Mod cars. More than 100 cars are expected; hobby stock and outlaw mini-sprints will also be running.

Pits open Sunday at 3 p.m., and gates open at 4 p.m. Hot laps begin at 5:30 p.m., with racing commencing at 6 p.m. The night's sponsors are Hickory Lodge Bar and Grill and The Grain Exchange.

Looking ahead further, the Worthington Nationals are scheduled for back-to-back-nights -- Aug. 27-28. Championship night is slated for Sept. 10.

Here are the results from Aug. 14 racing:


Paul Reisdorfer broke out front with Kenny Johnson, Nick Ober and Todd Uhl staying close behind. Ober and Uhl got together but keep going, and Dusty Seachris soon brought out the caution with a flat tire. Going back green, Reisdorfer stayed in front with Ober on the high side. Brent Saab then spun, resulting in another caution.

Reisdorfer, with car trouble, made his way to the work area. That put Ober out front with Johnson, Uhl, Elray Sybesma and Seachris rounding out the top five as the drivers went back green. Uhl, on the high side, made his way into second when, coming out of corner two, Ober had car trouble and slowed down on the track. Uhl went on to pass Ober for the lead.

Ober went on to take the win, with Uhl finishing second. Sybesma was third, Seachris fourth and Streeter fifth.

Mini Sprints

Tim Hottenbacher, with a great start, jumped out front with Chris Breen on the bottom. Ryan Schuur quickly made his way up to battle side by side with Breen, with Hottenbacher falling back. Schuur took the lead with Breen second, Kris Wilke third, Shan Fick fourth and Hottenbacher fifth.

As they all fell into line and raced to the white flag, Fick would spin as they came out of corner three. Brandon Buyss, Wade Huisman, Zach Drahota and Bryce Ralenberst were all involved, bringing out the red flag.

Going green-white-checkered, Schuur would go on to get the win. Wilke was second, Breen third, Buyss fourth and Steen fifth.


Tracy Johnson jumped out front at the green flag with Brian Rogers second, Jason Fisher and Steve Bents battling for third, and Dan Ahlers and Collen De Ruyter fighting to complete the top five. Bents would soon spin, causing Ahlers and DeRuyter to get hooked with nowhere to go -- bringing out the caution flag. The top five going back green were Johnson, Rogers, Fisher, Ahlers and Nick Johanson. Rogers fell back as Fisher and Ahlers vied for second place. Parts on the track, though, resulted in another caution.

Ahlers found his way to the work area with a flat tire, moving Brady Joynt up to battle in the top five. Johnson was out front and Johanson had moved past Fisher for second when, coming out of corner three, Rogers spun and crashed into Bents and Ahlers. As they went back green, Fisher experienced car trouble coming out of corner two and came to a stop to bring out the caution. The top five as they went back green were Johnson, Johanson, Joynt, Ray Bertrand and Tyler Johnson.

Johanson, on the high side worked his way around Tracy Johnson for the lead and went on to earn the victory. Tracy Johnson was second, Joynt third, Bertrand fourth and Tyler Johnson fifth.

Street Stock

Chris Palsrock got out front early with Brad Klaassen and Dustin Larson battling for second. Rich Gregoire was fourth and Trent Schroeder fifth.

As they fell into line, Dustin Larson moved to the bottom to battle for the lead. Getting a little loose, he spun down toward the infield but kept it going. He maintained second place and quickly moved back up to battle once again with Palsrock.

Luke Sathoff, on the move, got around Schroeder and Gregoire to take third, with Klaassen falling back. As they raced to the checkered flag in the green-white- checkered race, Dustin Larson took the win. Palsrock was second, Sathoff third, Gregoire fourth and Schroeder fifth.


Dwaine Hanson and Gary Oskerson brought the field of cars around to take the green. Hanson got out front and Justin Anderson moved into second. Oskerson dropped to third, Sean Barragan was fourth and Chris Rakness was fifth when Randy Klein spun, bringing out the caution. As the drivers attempted to go green Klein spun again, putting an end to his night.

Going green once more, Hanson (on the high side) and Anderson (on the bottom) vied for the lead. Warren Vanwesten would soon spin, however, bringing out another caution. Going green again, Hanson continued to lead with Oskerson on the high side battling Anderson for second. Oskerson fell back and Rakness, Joe Anderson and Sean Barragan all passed him. Barragan, with car trouble, was later forced to pull into the work area and end his night.

As they finally made their way to the checkered flag, Hanson took the win. Justin Anderson was second, Rakness third, Joe Anderson fourth and Gary Oskerson fifth.

Hobby Stock

Jerry Groenwold and Justin Dehring brought the field around to take the green. Brad Lonnerman moved into battle three-wide, and Groenwold would fall back with Dehring taking the lead and Lonnerman second. Shane Klaassen, with a flat tire, brought out the caution flag. The top five going back green were Dehring, Lonnerman, Malik Sampson, Groenwold and Bruce Kingery.

Sampson, on the bottom, passed Lonnerman and pulled up to battle with Dehring for the lead. That's when Tyler Pospisil would spin, bringing out another caution. Going back green, Dehring and Sampson went side by side for the lead. Jeremy Van Ede made his way into the top five, and he and Lonnerman were also doing battle when Dan Brady spun to bring out the caution. Dehring, Sampson and Van Ede went three-wide on the restart for the lead, but Kingery got loose and spun for the fourth caution flag of the race.

After going green, Sampson moved to the bottom and passed Van Ede. He was trying to pull ahead of Dehring when Klyde Krog spun for yet another caution. Dehring (out front), Sampson, Strandberg, Van Ede and Justin Luinenburg all battled in a great finish, with Dehring taking the win. Sampson held second, Strandberg was third, Van Ede fourth and Luinenburg fifth.