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VIDEO: Stingrays host home swim meet

Jocelyn Syrstad/Daily Globe Alex Cuate races in a freestyle event for the Stingrays Thursday.2 / 5
Jocelyn Syrstad/Daily Globe Anwar Farra races in a backstroke event in the Stingrays' duel meet Thursday.3 / 5
Jocelyn Syrstad/Daily Globe The Stingrays' Madison Neuberger races in a freestyle event Thursday.4 / 5
Jocelyn Syrstad/Daily Globe The Stingrays' Tori Elsing races in a butterfly event in Thursday's duel.5 / 5

WORTHINGTON -- The Stingrays competed in a mid-week duel at the Worthington YMCA Thursday night against a group of 21 swimmers from the Spencer, Iowa YMCA.

The Stingrays added two more swimmers to their growing list of participants for the Regional Meet in Minneapolis at the end of March.

Eight-year-old Sammy Farra, who broke the standard qualifying time in the 50-yard freestyle by cutting 8.31 seconds off his personal best time to win his race in 44.56 seconds, qualified Thursday for the Regional Meet. Brittany Saulsgiver, a 17-year-old from Windom, cut her personal best time by .59 seconds in the 50-yard freestyle to qualify for her first Regional Meet.

Several swimmers who already qualified for Regionals added new events to their competition list. Hannah Rahn added the 50 freestyle, Matt Sorenson added the 100 freestyle and 8 year old Sophie Weitzema added the 25 freestyle to her schedule of events, winning the event Thursday with a time of 17.41 seconds.

The Stingrays won numerous events Thursday in their duel meet against Spencer.

Meredith Moore won the 200 freestyle (2:40.67) and the 100 back (1:22.04). Cameron Jenson won the 200 freestyle (2:22.99) and the 100 freestyle (1:04.43).

Sarah Janssen won the 200 freestyle (2:26.91), the 50 freestyle (28.71) and the 100 butterfly (1:27.69). Kyle Janssen won the 50 free (34.85) and the 50 backstroke (43.30).

Madison Neuberger won the 50 freestyle (29.35), the 100 freestyle (1:09.31) and the 100 breaststroke (1:24.79). Bryan Doeden won the 50 freestyle (29.55).

Tim Skog won the 50 freestyle (25.87), the 100 backstroke (1:15.80) and the 100 freestyle (59.40). Tori Elsing won the 100 IM (1:29.06).

Ben Doeden won the 100 IM (1:18.93). Kaitlyn Baustian won the 100 IM (2:00.49) and the 50 fly (1:01.01).

Sophie Wietzema won the 25 backstroke (22.58) and the 50 freestyle (42.73). Madison Schmidt won the 50 back (46.34) and the 50 breaststroke (53.13).

Brittany Saulsgiver won the 100 backstroke (1:26.40) and the 100 freestyle (1:13.05). Blaine Doeden won the 50 fly (42.31) and the 50 breaststroke (48.24).

Porter Elsing won the 50 fly (44.87). Jamie Newman won the 100 freestyle (1:28.35). Max Langerud won the 100 freestyle (1:38.38). Levi Blanchard won the 100 breaststroke (1:27.52) and Sarah Meiser won the 100 breaststroke (1:39.29).

Seven Stingrays' medley teams won their given races. Jacob Neuberger, Anwar Farra, Blaine Doeden and Kalen Brands won the 200 medley (3:10.03). Madison Schmidt, Mia Hockel, Baustian and Jamie Newman won in 3:11.65.

Porter Elsing, Nathan Johnson, Kyle Janssen and Langerud won in 2:56.03. Meredith Moore, Madison Neuberger, Tori Elsing and Morgan Hockel won in 2:28.83.

Bryan Doeden, Cameron Jenson, Blanchard and Alex Cuate won in 2:42.20. Rebecca Christensen, Sarah Meiser, Saulsgiver and Sarah Janssen won in 2:29.54. And Gordy Moore, Dillon Pederson, Matt Sorenson and Skog won in 2:12.26.

Seven Stingrays' 200 freestyle relay teams also won in the duel meet.

Mackenzie Hockel, Gracie Barber, Madisyn Shreiner and Hannah Rahn won their race. Madison Schmidt, Jamie Newman and Mia Hockel won in 2:51.32.

Porter Elsing, Johnson, Langerud and Kyle Janssen won in 2:36.25. Meredith Moore, Tori Elsing, Morgan Hockel and Madison Neuberger won in 2:12.11.

Blanchard, Bryan Doeden, Brands and Cameron Jenson won in 2:10.82. Saulsgiver, Christensen, Meiser and Sarah Janssen won in 2:10.64. And, lastly, Gordy Moore, Matt Sorensen, Ben Doeden and Skog won in 1:55.16.

The Stingrays have two more regular season meets scheduled before they enter tournament season.

Their next meet is Jan. 7 in Mankato, and the following is Jan. 14 in Austin.