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AUTO RACING: Nobles County Speedway opens season with a bang

WORTHINGTON -- Nobles County Speedway opened its season Sunday with great weather, a great car count and a wonderful track, with drivers in all five classes putting on a great show. Racing action was sponsored by Wal-Mart.

Racing on this coming Sunday night will be sponsored by Schwalbach Harware and Schwalbach HVAC. Here are this past Sunday's results by class:


With just a few cars competing, Todd Uhl, Elroy Sybesma and Joey Streeter put on an exciting race. Streeter was forced to exit due to car trouble, leaving Uhl and Sybesma to battle it out. Sybesma ended up taking the checkered flag, and Uhl finished second.


Dan Strandberg jumped out to the early lead but the battle behind him - with Justin Luinenburg, Chad Lonneman, Jeremy VanEde and Jerry Gronewold - went back and forth. Lonneman would hold second for most of the race, leaving Gronewold and Luinenburg to battle it out for third and fourth. Van Ede later came up to join that chase.

Luinenburg, going strong, ultimately grabbed second, and VanEde would make his way past Lonneman and Gronewold. Strandberg went on go to get the win with Luinenburg second, VanEde third, Lonneman fourth and Gronewold would fifth.

Mini Sprints

With the buzzing of 20 Micro Mini Sprints taking the green flag, Trey Theseneitz wasted no time moving up the fast lane to the top. Jason Wagoner, Chris Breen, Kristofer Wilke and Ryan Hargan would all fall in single file close behind.

Tim Ottenbacher soon made his way into the top five. With just two cautions, Theseneitz went on to get the win. Breen was second, Otenbacher third, Wagoner fourth and Wilke fifth.


Jason Andrews and Brian Rogers started on the front row but had their work cut out for them with Steve Bents, Mark Deboer and Austin Lucas. Rogers would fall back, putting Andrews and Lucas on the front row. Nick Johansen was on the move, but Bents and Lucas would not let him get around them without work.

Andrews later dropped back and Johansen, Bents, and Deboer went three-wide around the track, with Johansen taking the lead. Bents and Deboer would get together, sending Bents to the back. With plenty of laps left, though, Bents eventually worked his way back up into the top five.

Johansen went on to get the win, with Deboer second and Bents third. Ray Bertrand was fourth and Nick Dieter fifth.

Street Stock

With the drop of the green flag John Deboer would run the top of the track and hold off Trent Schroeder, Dustin Larson, Jim Larson, Luke Sathoff, Ron Prins, Chris Palsrock and Rich Gregoire, who all stayed close behind and left little room to make a mistakes. With many cautions and lead changes, Sathoff went on to get the win. Dustin Larson was second, Schroeder third, Jim Larson fourth and Palsrock fifth.