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WORTHINGTON -- The second week of racing at Nobles County Speedway is in the books following Sunday's racing, which was sponsored by Schwalbach Plumbing and Heating.

More racing action is slated for this Sunday evening, with the competition being sponsored by Sanford Health and the Worthington Fire Department.

The following are May 20 results:


Joey Streeter took the lead as the field went green, and he cruised in the front all the way to the checkered to get the win. Elroy Sybesma placed second.


Corey Gronewald and Bruce Kingery were on the front row as they took the green, and Jeremy Van Ede moved from the second row to take the lead. Corey Gronewald dropped back into second, Kingery was third, and Justin Luinenburg and Jerry Gronewald were battling for fourth.

Corey Gronewald would bring out the first caution. Going back green, Van Ede had the lead with Luinenburg playing follow-the-leader. Kingery brought out another caution, and this moved Dan Strandberg up to battle with Van Ede and Luinenburg.

Van Ede reached the checkered flag first with Luinenburg second, Strandberg third, Jerry Gronewald fourth and Chad Lonneman fifth.

Micro Mini Sprints

Shane Fick, from the front row, took the early lead, and Wade Huisman, Jordan Nordstrom, Ryan Hargan and Michael Nichols round out the top five as they went green. Hargan fell back, moving Ryan Schuur into the top five. The leaders quickly moved into lap traffic, but Nordstrom soon brought out the caution.

Lining them back up, Tim Ottenbacher was quickly on the move and worked his way into the top five. They went single-file to the white flag, with Greg Gunderson bringing out another caution.

Finishing under yellow, Fick got the win with Huisman second. Nichols was third, Schurr fourth and Ottenbacher fifth.


As they went green, Austin Lucas, Jason Andrews and Cullen Deruyter went three-wide. Lucas won the battle and took the lead, Deruyter fell back and Andrews, Jason Fisher and Dan Wheeler all challenged for the second spot. Cody Brown would bring out the caution.

Going back green, Deruter dropped back and Nick Dieter came up to battle with Steve Bents for fourth and fifth. Dieter would soon move to the top of the track with car trouble. Wheeler also spun, bringing out the caution.

Lucas went on to earn the win, with Bents second and Wheeler third. Andrews finished fourth, and Fisher was fifth.

Street Stock

Jon Deboer and Ricky Prins brought the field around to take the green in the 20-lap feature. DeBoer got out front first, and Dustin Larson moved up to take second with Ricky Prins, Rich Gregoire and Bradley Klaassen battling on the bottom. Dustin Larson would take the lead and Deboer fall to second. Rich Gregoire, Ricky Prins and Luke Sathoff would go single-file to the halfway mark. James Gregoire spun coming out of corner four, bringing out the caution.

The drivers went green and stayed green to the checkered flag. Dustin Larson grabbed the win, Sathoff was second, Deboer third, Rich Gregoire fourth and Klaassen fifth.