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PREP GIRLS HOCKEY: 2013 Daily Globe All-Area Girls Hockey

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2013 Daily Globe All-Area Girls Hockey3 / 3

#15 Allison Kremer, Sophomore

It isn't often that a defenseman leads their team in scoring, especially not as a sophomore. But Worthington's Allison Kremer did just that this season for the Trojans, using her speed and puck-handling skills to put pucks in the net.

"As a defenseman I would usually watch the plays happen in front of me," Kremer said, "but there were times where I felt more confident and would take it coast to coast."

Not only was Kremer a force to be reckoned on a fast break down the ice, but she was also a strong defender in the defensive end as well.

"It is our job to step up and take the puck away from players on the other team," Kremer said. "I have become a lot more comfortable in doing that over my time on varsity. I try to do what I can to keep the other team away from Amanda [Bristow] and help clear out pucks in front of the net."

Despite winning just one game this season, Kremer knows the Trojans were a better team than they appeared on paper.

"The scoreboard didn't show how we really played game in and game out," Kremer said. "I think we played better and better as the season went on and that we came together as a team by the end of the year."

One of the things Kremer enjoyed the most about this season was playing alongside teammate Betsy Thompson both in practices and games. Kremer and Thompson were named to the All-Conference team.

"I personally loved getting to work with Betsy because the two of us together can do a lot of good things," Kremer said. "We work hard together and push each other to do better."

Kremer's favorite memory from this season was the Trojans' 1-0 win against the Windom Area Eagles.

"We kept reminding ourselves that they had beaten us once already this year, so that made us play harder that game," Kremer said. "We knew we couldn't let them beat us again, and we didn't want to lose to them at home. We played a great game that day."

#16 Makayla Sterrett, Freshman

Not only did Luverne's Makayla Sterrett lead the Cardinals in goals and assists during her third varsity season, but she topped the Southwest Conference in both categories as well.

"This season went really well for me," Sterrett said. "The experience I've gained from playing on the team for three years has really helped me grow as a player."

In 20 games this season, Sterrett averaged just over three points per game while scoring 33 goals and dishing out 28 assists. In three years, Sterrett has compiled 76 goals and 73 assists.

"My line helped me out a lot this year," Sterrett said. "We knew what the other was going to do, whether we were going to pass the puck or shoot it, so that made it easier."

Along with her accolades on the ice, Sterrett has been recognized by her teammates and coaches as a top player for Luverne over the last few years.

"Makayla always pushes herself and her teammates to give it their all in games and practice," Cardinals coach Nick Domagala said. "As a young player she can score when she needs to, and also never is too selfish to give up the puck as she has about the same amount of assists as she has goals."

When Sterrett first started playing with the varsity team, she looked up to the older players for guidance and advice both on and off the ice. However, in her third year with the Cardinals, Sterrett became a leader in her own right.

"It is kind of weird now to be looked up to by the younger kids," Sterrett said. "I used to be the one looking up to the older girls, but now I'm the one who is trying to be there for everyone."

Despite all her individual successes, Sterrett believes she wouldn't be the player she is now without the help of her teammates and coaches.

"I wouldn't be able to do what I can now without the team," Sterrett said. "I've played with these girls for a while now, and we have come a long way together."

#21 Emily Steen, Seventh Grade

Goalie is one of the toughest positions in hockey -- both mentally and physically -- so the fact that Windom Area starting goaltender Emily Steen is only a seventh-grader is all the more impressive.

"Emily is only a seventh-grader and facing the adversity she has this year would have caused many players her age to become discouraged and shut down," Eagles coach Dean Drahota said. "Emily is just the opposite. Her desire and passion for the game pushes her to be better. She always comes to practice ready to do anything which will make her and the team better."

Steen made the jump to varsity this season due to a lack of a goalie at the high school level. Despite her young age, Steen made an immediate impression on both her teammates and coaches.

"Box scores often don't tell the whole story," Drahota said. "Emily's numbers are good, but they do not fully reflect her abilities on the ice. The respect for her goes far beyond our team. I can't even count the number of referees, coaches and parents from opposing teams that would approach us after games to comment on how great our goalie was. Many times they were shocked to hear she was a seventh-grader."

Steen faced 935 shots this season while posting a save percentage just shy of 85 percent in her first year at the varsity level. She got her first career win against the Worthington Trojans in a 5-2 victory in Windom.

"It was a big transition to move up from Pee Wees to varsity," Steen said. "At the Pee Wee level I had a lot more protection, but at the varsity level, girls are a lot faster and there isn't as much protection."

Even though the Eagles won just one game this season, Steen feels like her team can turn things around in the next few seasons.

"I think we will all get better as a team the more we play together," Steen said. "I think we can get a lot more wins and be more competitive in the future."

All-Area Honorable Mention Player Profiles:

Betsy Thompson

Sophomore Forward

Worthington Trojans

This season, Betsy Thompson often found herself on the rush with teammate Allison Kremer where the two combined for a large number of the Trojans goals this year.

Thompson played in almost every game for Worthington this season, scoring 12 goals and dishing out three assists. Thompson also scored the game winner in the Trojans only win of the year against the Windom Area Eagles.

Addison Beaty

Seventh Grade Forward

Windom Area Eagles

Addison Beaty was one of the top scorers for the young Windom Area Eagles this year, despite being a seventh grader.

In 19 games for the Eagles, Beaty compiled 12 points on five goals and seven assists, including one game winning goal.

Ellen Dahl

Junior Defenseman

Luverne Cardinals

Ellen Dahl played in 20 games for the Cardinals this season, while taking charge of the team as a captiain.

Dahl scored eight goals and had nine assists for 17 points on the season. She scored two power-play goals and had one short-handed goal as well.

Katie Eeten

Senior Defenseman

Luverne Cardinals

Assistant captain for the Cardianls, Katie Eeten helped Luverne a 15-5 record in her senior year.

Eeten dished out 13 assists and had seven goals, including one power-play goal, for 20 points on the year.

Madisyn Dingmann

Freshman Forward

Luverne Cardinals

Madisyn Dingmann put in four power-play goals and one short-handed goal to help spark the Cardinals to a 15-win season this year.

Dingmann scored 21 goals and had 15 assists, along with two game-winning goals, to rack up 36 points for the Cardinals.

Monique Aanenson

Eighth Grade Forward

Luverne Cardinals

Monique Aanenson knocked in three power-play goals and one game winner to help power Luverne to a conference title this season.

Aanenson netted 20 goals and dished out 19 assists to help the Cardinals score 124 goals over the whole season.

Madi Oye

Freshman Defenseman

Luverne Cardinals

Madi Oye averaged 1.35 points per game for the Cardinals in her freshman season.

Oye assisted on 19 goals over the year, while putting in eight goals of her own for 27 points on the season.

Morgan Hohn

Eighth Grade Defenseman

Luverne Cardinals

Morgan Hohn may have been stuck on the blueline for the Cardinals, but she didn't let that stop her from scoring 28 points this season for Luverne.

Hohn had 18 goals and 10 assists during the 2012-2013 season for an average of 1.4 points per game.