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Column: Future possibilities are as endless as our cornfields

District 518

Editor's note: The three student speeches delivered at the WHS commencement will be published on this page over the course of three Saturdays.

WORTHINGTON -- Thankfully (or not, depending on your love of life or education!), we survived the fake Mayan apocalypse of Dec. 21, 2012, and are here to celebrate in the gym today. That's one thing to be thankful for, isn't it? In this world of North Korean nuclear threats and YouTube videos of Taylor Swift songs with crazy goat interjections, it feels good to know that we are able to be the 126th class graduating from Worthington High School. And to make my classmates feel even better, I promise I won't sit up here, stutter, shake and drone on for over 10 minutes like I did with that speech in eighth grade. But, if you look closely, my leg still might be shaking!

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to not only everyone who has guided me during my school career, but also to the entire Class of 2013. Thanks for being such an amazing class, for creating such happy memories and leaving behind a legacy of excellence through our high school accomplishments. Yet I am not going to stand here and say: Elementary school was carefree, middle school was awkward, and high school was fun or challenging--not because I don't think those things aren't all true (because they are!), but because I believe what lies ahead of us is just as important as what lies in the past.

"Those people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do," said Steve Jobs of Apple Computers. This is the quote printed in black on the front of the program in your hands. Although these words might seem lofty and idealistic, the sentiment behind them rings true: You can't do anything unless you believe you are able to in the first place. Who knows where the Class of 2013 will end up or what each one of us will do? Professional fisherman, beautician, working for State Department professional, or cookin' Cajun cuisine in New Orleans -- it doesn't matter. You don't have to be a Nobel Prize-winner to make a difference, make a contribution to this world and achieve change.

All we can do is strive in whatever we're doing to empower others, to help others; to carry out our jobs and lives in a way that benefits those around us -- then we will be creating positive change in America and the world, bit by bit. I think our class has great potential. No, I BELIEVE we have potential, and the potential to prove the world wrong about our generation. We're not completely video game-playing, lazy slugs like some might think. Mr. T once said, "Be somebody, or be somebody's fool." That is great advice to live by, but we should also "do" something, or become fools by sitting around and accomplishing nothing. Whatever you do, "GIT-er-done!" Just DO SOMETHING, and your possibilities stretch before you like Nobles County cornfields on a July day. In 13 years of school, we have indeed come a long way as individuals and as a class. But now, in the words of my good friend Ian Stewart, "Well, we're done."

So long, farewell, adios, auf wiedersehen, good-bye. I have one last remark to the public:

(Spoken in a rap style)

Hey, yo, this is 2013, we're really pretty cool and we ain't too mean.

We're gonna graduate and go off to college, where we'll learn and grow and get more knowledge.

Soon we'll say goodbye to our old high school, goodbye to our friends, our teachers, the rules.

We'll be off onto our very own paths, and once we're there, there's no lookin' back.

We'll keep our memories with us forever, triumphs and failures all wrapped together,

But for now our whole lives lie ahead, and we really have nothing at all to dread,

So watch out world: A storm is comin', not a hurricane, tornado, blizzard or flood--it's the Class of 2013 hittin' the streets, walkin' along to our very own beat, world, yo, 2013!!!

Gordy Moore will begin his studies at Macalester College, St. Paul, this coming fall. While he will no doubt "do something," he does not plan a professional career in hip hop.