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Trap shooting: Jacob Oberloh leads Worthington trap shoot team

ALEXANDRIA -- Amid overcast, cloudy and breezy conditions, Worthington shooter Jacob Oberloh found himself in a six-way tie for first place at the 2013 Minnesota State High School League Trap Shooting Tournament held June 7-9.

After a shootout, Oberloh ranked fourth (98 out of 100).

It was an outstanding performance, concluded the Worthington team coaches. It rained much of the day and the wind blew from the northeast, making conditions less than ideal.

But Worthington ended in seventh place among 87 teams, with 470 birds out of 500.

There were 723 shooters in the tournament altogether.

Here are other results of Worthington varsity competitors: Zak Abdulrahman and Dallas Balk tied for 7th; Donovan Bruns tied for 10th: Levi Leach tied for 12th; Isaac Kruse and Nathan Patten tied for 17th; Zach Bruns tied for 18th; Jeremy Majerus tied for 19th; Jacob Phillips tied for 21st; Alex Thompson tied for 22nd.

Junior varsity: Jordan Hall tied for 9th; Joshua Majerus tied for 10th; Nicolas Demuth tied for 12th; Erik Landgaard tied for 13th; Tyler Madison tied for 19th; Tyson Scholtes tied for 22nd; Tanner Barrie and Brennen Cross tied for 23rd; Cody Gravenhof tied for 24th; Gage Landerud tied for 33rd; Eli Wass tied for 37th; Halie Spessard tied for 39th.

The Worthington team graduates nine seniors, including its lone female competitor Hallie Spessard.