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Girls soccer: Trojans lick wounds from Loyola


WORTHINGTON — The Trojans’ 8-0 girls soccer loss to Mankato Loyola/Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial/St. Clair Thursday came with bumps and bruises.

In the second half of a match that had already gotten out of hand, Worthington goalie Ahmitara Alwal landed awkwardly making a save and required a trainer. Also in the second half, as Alwal dove for a ball a Loyola player kicked her in the head — and scored.

There was no foul on the play.

Alwal emerged from the game no worse for wear. That was not the case for teammate Monica Duron, who collided with the rival goalkeeper. The goalkeeper rolled over Duron’s ankle. The ankle swelled up, said WHS head coach Emily Ahlquist, and Duron’s future availability is at this point uncertain.

The Trojans are 1-7-1 on the year.

Despite the score and the injury situation, some positive things happened at Trojan Field. After having several slow starts this year, WHS got off to a good start over the first five minutes of the contest. And Alwal, who saved 19 shots overall, made some fine saves, including one in the first half where she aggressively moved forward on a breakaway goal attempt and smothered it with her body.

Loyola made the game’s first goal with 30:35 remaining in the opening half on a breakaway. The shot was hit hard into the upper right corner — too high and too sharp for Alwal to make a play on.

Ahlquist said the Trojans’ energy seemed to wane after that first goal. The visitors scored again a little more than two minutes later and a third goal came at 10:41.

The Crusaders led 5-0 at halftime and outscored WHS 3-0 in the second half. They attempted 15 shots in the first half to Worthington’s four and attempted 22 more in the second half to four more for the Trojans. Swift afoot and deft handlers of the ball, the Crusaders were able to make nifty connecting passes and crosses throughout the match, and had several “through” balls.

Ahlquist said her team improved at limiting breakaways in the second half, but it was already too late to mount a challenge.

“They (the Crusaders) made very good passes. And they got to the ball first. And that’s what you’ve got to do to win the game,” Ahlquist said.