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MEN'S WRESTLING: Gainey, Ferguson place for Bluejays at Open

WORTHINGTON -- Greg Gainey is putting together a solid season for the Minnesota West Bluejays.

At 165 pounds, Gainey wrestled to a fourth-place finish during the 23rd Worthington Open on Saturday at Worthington High School.

"I want to put a lot of the weight (of my success) on Coach Purcell," Gainey said. "There were a lot of times when I felt like I struggling from conditioning and kept pushing me to hang in there, like a good coach would do. If I could say something for myself, I was proud of my determination. It was a long day (of wrestling)."

To ensure a spot in the finals, Gainey won three elimination matches in the consolation bracket to reach the third-place bout, where he lost to Damien Luchterhand (St. Cloud State) in a 12-11 decision.

A 7-2 decision loss to Justin Bowland (Augsburg) in the quarterfinals sent Gainey to the consolation bracket.

"I have learned a lot about myself," Gainey said. "I honestly thought I was a pretty tough wrestler coming into the year, but there was a lot of competition that showed me that I need a lot more work."

Gainey, a sophomore, is 19-7 this season for Minnesota West.

"At the collegiate level, everyone should know how to wrestle," Gainey said. "It's the coaches who can help you to fine-tune your techniques who make you successful. I've been molded that way."

Jerrell Ferguson gave the Bluejays their only other placing, which was a third-place effort at 184 pounds.

Ferguson went 1-2 in a four-man round-robin. His victory came as a 5-4 decision against Chris Michael (Northwestern College).

"I was persistent and kept wrestling," Ferguson said. "I started taking a lot more shots than what I usually do. By being persistent with my shots, it opened up a chance for me to get a takedown and an escape (against Michael) and that led to a win."

At 174 pounds, Minnesota West's Ben Goodwin won his first two matches, but did not place after dropping bouts in the championship and consolation semifinals.

"Every coach who came here told me that they loved this tournament," Minnesota West head coach Bob Purcell said. "Brandon Kingsley came down here from Minnesota and was named the Most Outstanding Wrestler. Morgan Engbrecht, an Augustana wrestler, earned the Most Pins Award. Every match was close and the competition tough. We gave these wrestlers a chance to compete."

Minnesota Golden Gophers' Jordan Kingsley (125) and Brandon Kingsley (157) won their weight classes. Jordan scored a 5-0 decision over Chad Bartschenfeld (Augsburg), while Brandon pinned Sean Havolvic (Northern State) in 1:29.

At 149, Will James (South Dakota State) defeated Ryan Schroepfer (St. Cloud State) 7-2 for the title. At 165, Mitchell Rechtzigel (Augustana) slipped by Josh Berg (St. Cloud State) 2-1 for first place.

Uthman Rabio (St. Cloud State) went 3-0 at 184 pounds to win the four-man round-robin. At 285, Logan Figueroa (Minnesota State-Mankato) pinned Austin Goergen (St. Cloud State) in 1:29 for the title.

Four other weight classes were decided on forfeits.



Saturday's Results

At Worthington High School


125: Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) decision Chad Bartschenfeld (Augsburg), 5-0. 133: Dakota Bauer (Unattached) won by forfeit Tossaporn Suparat (Augsburg). 141: Will James (South Dakota State) won by forfeit Tom Kuehn (Augsburg). 149: Jacob Anderson (Augustana) decision Ryan Schroepfer (St. Cloud State), 7-2. 157: Brandon Kingsley (Minnesota) pin Sean Havlovic (Northern State), 1:29. 165: Mitchell Rechtzigel (Augustana) decision Josh Berg (St. Cloud State), 2-1. 174: Troy Morisette (South Dakota State) won by forfeit Josh Kohler (Augsburg). 184: Uthman Rabio (St. Cloud State), 3-0, first; Trey Hable (South Dakota State), 2-1, second. 197: Luke Belich (St. Cloud State) won by forfeit Matthew Hechsel. 285: Logan Figueroa (Minnesota State-Mankato) pin Austin Goergen (St. Cloud State), 1:29.


125: Morgan Engbrecht (Augsburg) pin Alex Burghardt (Augustana), 2:13. 133: Roarke Langer (Augsburg) decision Luke Betchwars (Minnesota State-Mankato), 7-5. 141: Garrett Lambrecht (Morningside) major decision Kevin Olson (Morningside), 10-0. 149: Nate Taylor (Morningside) decision Mark Akpaka (Augsburg), 10-8. 157: Brad Maas (Minnesota State-Mankato) decision Kevin Caruso (South Dakota State), 7-3. 165: Damien Luchterhand (St. Cloud State) decision Greg Gainey (Minnesota West), 12-11. 174: Clayton Jennissen (St. Cloud State) decision Tanner Taylor (Augustana), 7-0. 184: Jerrell Ferguson (Minnesota West), 1-2, third; Chris Michael (Northwestern College), 0-3, fourth. 197: Christopher Bridgeford II (Morningside) decision Jake Parker (Morningside), 8-4. 285: Nicholas Grimley (Augsburg) pin Dan Lovik (Minnesota State-Mankato), 6:34.


125: Josh Bush (0-2) received a first-round bye; lost by pin to Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota), 1:51, quarterfinal; lost by pin to Jordan Bremer (Minnesota), 2:45, consolation second round.

149: Mike Tanner (1-2) received a first-round bye; lost by pin to Jacob Oertle (Morningside), 2:09, second round; received a consolation second-round bye; pin Donald Dargan (Itasca), 4:15, consolation third round; lost by major decision to Nate Taylor (Morningside), 14-3, consolation fourth round.

157: Jadon Evans (1-2) received a first-round bye; lost by decision to Kevin Caruso (South Dakota State), 5-2, quarterfinal; decision Charlie Pesch (Minnesota State-Mankato), 7-6, consolation second round; lost by decision to Brad Maas (Minnesota State-Mankato), 5-1, consolation third round.

165: Greg Gainey (3-2) received a first-round bye; lost by decision to Justin Bowland (Augsburg), 7-2, quarterfinal; pin Jesse McCann (Northwestern College), 2:25, consolation second round; decision Ben Schwery (South Dakota State), 6-3, consolation third round; decision Jake Slocum (Southwest Minnesota State), 4-2, consolation semifinal; lost by decision to Damien Luchterhand (St. Cloud State), 12-11.

174: Ben Goodwin (2-2) decision Peter Estrada (Minnesota State-Mankato), 2-0, first round; pin Vernon Rash (Itasca), 6:30, quarterfinal; lost by major decision to Josh Kohler (Augsburg), 12-0, semifinal; lost by decision to Clayton Jennissen (St. Cloud State), 5-1, consolation semifinal.

184: Jerrell Ferguson (1-2) lost by technical fall to Uthman Rabiu (St. Cloud State), 17-0, first round; decision Chris Michael (Northwestern College), 5-4, second round; lost by pin to Trey Hable (South Dakota State), 3:41, third round.

285: Josh Valandra (0-2) lost by pin to Nicholas Grimsley (Augsburg), 1:48, quarterfinal; lost by pin to Dan Lovik (Minnesota State-Mankato), 4:49, consolation first round.

285: Taylor Andrews (1-2) decision Eric Draper (Morningside), 6-2, quarterfinal; lost by pin to Logan Figueroa (Minnesota State-Mankato), 0:41, semifinal; lost by decision to Dan Lovik (Minnesota State-Mankato), 2-1; consolation semifinal.