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Brandenburg's photos ranked among the best of all time

Photographer Jim Brandenburg, formerly of Luverne. (Submitted photo)

DULUTH - Four photographs by Ely photographer Jim Brandenburg are among the Top 40 Nature Photographs in the history of photography.

The collection was assembled by the International League of Conservation Photographers and includes some of Brandenburg's best-loved photos. The league made its selections to celebrate Earth Day, April 22.

"It's the strangest feeling I've ever had in my life," Brandenburg said from his home in Ely. "Somehow, it's a combination of embarrassment, humility -- and pride, because it's your peers."

The Brandenburg photos include a white wolf leaping between ice floes in the Canadian Arctic, a gray wolf peering among trees in northern Minnesota, an oryx on a sand dune in Namibia and bison in Minnesota's Blue Mounds State Park.

The collection includes the work of photographic giants such as Ansel Adams, Ed Weston and several National Geographic photographers.

Brandenburg, who grew up near Luverne, Minn., spent more than three decades as a photographer for National Geographic magazine, traveling the world on assignment.

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