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10 questions with the coaches: E/E's Andrew Fleischman and H-BC's Rex Metzger

Edgerton/Edgerton head coach Andrew Fleischman

What did you take away from the first game?

Fleischman: It was a very, very good game. They have a lot of talent and they have a lot of ability. They have a very, very good football team, just like we thought they did. Our boys competed pretty well against them. There were some things that we did well and some breaks that kind of went our way. We know one thing coming back in, we're going to have to play very well if we hope to repeat the success we had last game.

With the way the first meeting turned out, who has the advantage today?

I think it's kind of a toss up. They are a very good team and we have a good team, as well. It really doesn't matter what happened in Week 6. It matters what happens this week. It comes down to which team is going to execute the best and which team is going to avoid costly mistakes. Neither team really has an advantage or a disadvantage. I think it comes down to which team executes a little better.

You guys were able to take advantage of their turnovers. How do you continue to stay aggressive and try make some things happen defensively?

That's the biggest thing for us, we've been very aggressive all year on defense and on offense and we're not going to change that now. I think we have to continue to play aggressive and hope good things happen. You can't count on the other team turning the ball over, you have to come out and play fast and play hard and hope to put them in some uncomfortable situations.

How do you slow down H-BC running back Dalton Bass?

That's one thing that we did a pretty good job of. He had a big play in the passing game for a touchdown, but the key to him is you just have to get a lot of guys around him and try to tackle him. For the most part, we did a good job of that in the first game. But he is a very exciting running back. Every time he grabs it, you kind of hold your breath and hope for the best. It's very important that we tackle well and it's very important that we pursue the football and try to get a lot of bodies around him.

What do you have to do to come out victorious?

Just like it was last time, the biggest thing is we have to be able to control the line of scrimmage. Our defensive and offensive line have to have a great day. We feel very confident in our line and we feel like we have a good line. We know they make it go for us up front. If we don't win the battle up front, it's going to be awful hard.

Hills-Beaver Creek head coach Rex Metzger

What did you take away from the first game?

Metzger: It was a game where a few things didn't go our way and they were able to capitalize on some of our mistakes. The field position was a big factor and really hurt us all night. We never had a short field to work with. We just never got into a good rhythm offensively. Looking back at it, we made a couple mistakes and you can't do that against good teams.

With the way the first meeting turned out, who has the advantage today?

They've been at the top of the section and the top of the conference for the last few years and they have that edge. They are used to playing in these games, but at the same time, we were right with them last year in the playoffs. Like I tell our guys, when you get into the playoffs, you just don't know. A few breaks here and there and the game can be totally different than the first time around.

The Dutchmen turned a pair of turnovers into touchdowns in your last meeting. How do you prevent that from happening again?

We preach it all the time, to take care of the ball offensively. Anything can happen and that's what we talk about in the playoffs, anything can happen either way, whether it's for us or against us. It seems like a couple mistakes can really turn the outcome of the game.

Now that you have seen them in person and lined up against them, how do you stop their high-powered offense?

I don't know if you can stop it, you just try to slow it down. They are used to doing things at will against defenses in our conference and putting up the big 60 or 70 points a game. We know we're not going to be able to stop them, but if we can slow them down and put them in some positions they maybe aren't used to, we can give ourselves a chance.

What do you have to do to come out victorious?

We can't get into a shootout with them. Hopefully our offense can put some drives together and put them into some third-and-long situations and hopefully make them punt a few more times than they've done this year. They are used to doing whatever they need to do and whatever they want to do on teams and hopefully we can put them in some situations that are a little different than that.