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PREP TRACK AND FIELD: Area athletes go nuts at Hershey's track and field event in Worthington

BRIAN KORTHALS/DAILY GLOBE Madi Schandelmeier, 13, of Luverne, shows strong form winning the girl's mile event and second only to the boys winner overall during Saturday's Hershey's Track and Field Games in Worthington.1 / 4
BRIAN KORTHALS/DAILY GLOBE Savannah Siebenahler, 9, of Luverne, flies through the air in the long jump event Saturday morning at the Hershey's Track and Field Games in Worthington.2 / 4
brian korthals/daily globe Amanuel Fissiha (front in black), 14, of Worthington, leads the race and goes on to win the mile event Saturday morning at the Hershey's Track and Field Games in Worthington.3 / 4
BRIAN KORTHALS/DAILY GLOBE Paul Salentiny, 9, of Lakefield, winds up for his toss in the softball throw Saturday morning at the Herhshey's Track and Field Games in Worthing-ton.4 / 4

WORTHINGTON -- Area athlete ages 9 to 14 gathered at Trojan Field Saturday at the 35th annual Hershey's Track and Field Games with hopes of getting to the national meet in Hershey, PA., Aug. 4.

First things first was finishing in the top four in Worthington to get to the state meet at Gustavus Adolphus College Saturday.

Emmett Bickett (six feet, seven inches), of Worthington, won, while Tyler Wietzema (six feet, six inches), of Worthington, and Nathaniel Post (six feet, four inches), of Southwest Star Concept, qualified in the Boys' 9-10 standing long jump.

In the Boys' 9-10 softball throw, Eli Fest, of SSC, took the crown with a throw of 106 feet, eight inches, while Tyler Madison (104 feet, 11 inches), of Fulda, Dalton Henning (104 feet, seven inches), of SSC, and Brandon Hinkeldey (93 feet, eight inches), of SSC, also qualified.

In the 50-meter dash in the Boys' 9-10 division, Wietzema (10.24), Henning (10.38) and Madison (10.68) qualified.

In the 100-meter dash, Post took first, finishing in 15.39 seconds, while, Arekel McLaughlin (16.09), of Worthington, and Bickett (16.39) rounded out the qualifiers.

Ethan Slauthaug, of Fulda, won the Boys' 9-10 400-meter dash with a finish of 1 minute, 16.17 seconds, while Post (1:16.871), Paul Salentiny (1:25.37), of SSC, and Landon Wherry (1:26.89) also qualified.

McLaughlin (33.90) won the 200-meter dash, while Bickett (34.72), Matthew Madsen (35.49), of SSC, and Slauthaug (36.28) qualified for state.

The SSC team of Madsen, Hobie Hedquest, Henning and Post won the 4x100-relay, finishing at 1:05.81, while the Worthington team of Bickett, Kaleh Brunds, Josiatt Boever and Wietzema also qualified with a 1:13.15.

In the Girls' 9-10 division, Regan Fight (five feet, 10 inches), of Luverne, and Morgan Gehl (five feet, nine inches), of Fulda, qualified in the long jump.

Qualifying throws in the Girls' 9-10 softball throw went to Zoe Velde (104 feet, three inches), of Pipestone.

Regan Feit (10.39), of Luverne, qualified in the 50-meter dash, while Velde (16.08) won the 100-meter dash with Kelsey Piotter (16.90), of Jeffers, and Gracie Bucher (17.00), of Windom, also qualifying.

Velde (33.85), Piotter (34.82), and Bucher (36.03) qualified in the 200-meter dash, while Feit (1:19.16), Jaydan Wormstadt (1:23.41), of Windom, and Amber Boock (1:23.96), of Murray County Central, all qualified in the 400-meter dash.

The Pipestone team of Makayla Johnson, Maya Peterson, Kaitlin Mashino and Velde qualified in the 4x100-meter relay (1:20.59), finishing third.

In the Boys' 11-12 division, Davis Moore, of Worthington, won with a seven-foot jump with Ethan Becker (six feet, six inches), of SSC, Len Spidahl (six feet, five inches), of Fulda, and Devin Tinklenberg (six feet, five inches), of Pipestone, also qualifying.

Michael Suda (170 feet, six inches), of Pipestone, won the softball throw, while Cole Zephier (131 feet, four inches), of Pipestone, and Becker (129 feet, eight inches) also qualified.

The 100-meter dash went to Tinklenberg and Becker (15:00), with Carter Nesvold (15:14), of Pipestone, and Ben Lopez (15:91), of Worthington, also qualifying.

Suda (29.03) won the 200-meter dash with Tinklenberg (30.86), Lopez (32.83) and Nicholas Kayser (32.98) also qualifying.

Suda won the 400-meter dash (1:02.15) with Bryce Paulsen (1:12.04) and Levi Spittle (1:14.85), of Fulda, also qualifying.

John Rabey won the 800-meter dash (3:03.49) with Blaine Doeden (3:07.65), of Worthington, Moore (3:18.94) and Brendan Tjeerdsma (3:41.19) also qualifying.

The Pipestone team of Nesvold, Suda, Markus Westfield and Cole Zephier (1:03.34) won the 4x100 with the SSC team of Andrew Madsen, Becker, Cody Kruse and Eli Becker (1:03.44), the Worthington team of Doeden, Lopez, Moore and Lucas Boever (1:04.83) and the SSC team of Anthony Fogelman, Eli Liepold, Ethan Untiedt and Tyler Raverty (1:13.47) also qualifying.

In Girls' 11-12 division Alyssa Post (six feet, eight-and-a-half inches), of SSC, Abigail Hollingsworth (six feet, eight inches), of Pipestone, Emma Thuringer (six feet, six inches), of Worthington, and Jadyn Anderson (six feet, six inches), of Luverne, qualified in the long jump.

SSC's Tessla Crowell (125 feet, seven inches), Cheyenne Schaffer (104 feet, 11 inches) and Jessica Nossow (100 feet, eight inches) qualified in the softball throw, as did Hollingsworth (100 feet, eight inches).

Post (15.06), Taylor Eggers (16.18), of Worthington, Logan Sheman (16.25) and Schaffer (16.30) qualified in the 100-meter dash.

Post won the 200-meter dash (31.50), while Thuringer (31.70), Hollingsworth (32.68) and Crowell (32.78) qualified.

Alexis Ferrel (1:10.11) won the 200-meter dash, while Jessica Crowell (1:11.81), of SSC, Thuringer (1:12.61) and Taylor Johanning (1:19.39), of SSC, qualified.

In the 800-meter dash, Rachel Salentiny (2:47.91), of SSC, Sydney Mauch (2:50.62), Gaby Ferrell (3:01.25), of Luverne, and Johanning (3:03.66) qualified.

SSC's team of Johannning, Post, Schaffer and Tessla Crowell (1:03.61) won the 4x100. The Luverne team of Lexi Ferrell, Gaby Ferrell, McKensie Peterson and Jayden Anderson (1:03.67), the Worthington team of Jaycee Turner, Sydney Ponto, Eggers and Thuringer (1:07.68) and the Pipestone team of Emma Germain, Aubrey Nelson Kashanna Bryant and Hollingsworth (1:07.90) also qualified.

In the Boys' 13-14 division, Fulda's Leighton Gehl (six feet, 10 inches), Gabe Spidahl (six feet, five inches) and John Gehl (six feet, five inches) all qualified in the long jump.

Pipestone's Tyl Woelber (185 feet, two inches) won the softball throw, while Mitchell Muller (172 feet), of Luverne, Brett Barenwald (151 feet, eight inches), of Pipestone and Will Gehl (141 feet, 11 inches), of Fulda, also qualified.

Muller (14.14) won the 100-meter dash, while Barenwald (15.92) also qualified.

Muller (28.76) won the 200-meter dash, while Tyl Woelber (30.32) and Leighton Gehl (32.82), of Fulda, also qualified.

Amanuel Fissiha (2:23.76) won the 800-meter dash, while Tyle Woelber (2:34.02) also qualified.

Fissiha also won the 1,600-meter dash (5:18.99) and John Gehl (6:15.39) qualified.

The Fulda team of Leighton Gehl, Ian Gehl, Will Gehl and Gabe Spittle (1:03.83) won the 4x100 relay.

In the Girls' 13-14 division, Courtney Siebenahler (seven feet, six inches) won the long jump, while Sierra Schmack (seven feet), of Luverne, qualified.

Nicole Madison (142 feet, nine inches), of Fulda, Kashanna Bryant (111 feet, nine inches), of Pipestone, and SSC's Kaylah Untiedt (110 feet, three inches) and Bailey Collins (108 feet, nine inches) qualified in the softball throw.

Siebenahler (14.79), Nicole Madison (14.82), of Fulda, and Sarah Madsen (15.57), of SSC, qualified.

Siebenahler won the 200-meter dash (30.26), while Schmack (30.56) and Madison (30.83) qualified.

Madi Schandelmeier (2:39.58), of Luverne, and Meredith Moore (2:47.60), of Worthington, qualified in the 800-meter dash.

Schandelmeier (5:41.41) and Moore (6:05.60) also qualified in the 1,600-meter dash.