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84 runners take part in the 30th annual 'Fun Run'

WORTHINGTON -- The results are in for the 30th annual YMCA "Fun Run." A total of 84 runners made it out for the event, which took place Wednesday.

Thirty runners participated in the half-mile race, with seven competing in the mile run and 47 taking part in the 5K race.

The fastest time in the 5K was by Jordan Pater, who finished the race with a time of 17 minutes, 38 seconds, followed by Jase Pater (18:05), who came in second and Ammanuel Fissiha (18:18), who finished third.

Rounding out the top 10 for the 5K were Graeme Cumiskey (20:41), who came in fourth, Micah Klassen (21:51), who finished fifth, Doug Bakkene (22:05) finishing sixth, James Jensen (23:09) getting seventh place, Brett Lehman (23:25) coming in eighth, in ninth place was Bryon Voss (23:30) and coming in 10th was Caleb Wede (23:40).

The rest of the 5K runners finished as follows: Troy Ektnitphong (24:12), Brenton Klassen (24:29), Marty Lonneman (24:31), Troy Feller (24:35), Lynnette Faragher (24:38), Gene Weg (25:07), Cameron Jensen (25:16), Cody Ingenthron (25:29), Derrick Larson (25:36), Desaleg Zemenfes (25:54), Brady McManus (27:02).

The rest of the 5k pack went as follows: Mike Phillips (27:15), Beatriz Bautista (27:16), Eric Roos (27:36), Larry Jerge (27:37), Sarah Darling (27:53), Michael Purdy (28:01), Vickie Ektnitphong (28:12), Anna Meyer (28:13), Kelly Meyer (28:14), Jeanette Jensen (28:16), Teresa Widboom (28:25), Angela Thiner (28:26), Richard Liapis (28:55), Jeffrey Meyer (29:12), Wally Jorgensen (30:10), Ryan Price (30:23), Cassie Landgaard (30:51), Jodi Landgaard (30:52), Alan Ablog (30:53), Amber Klinkenborg (31:35), Jeff Faragher (32:26), Shane McManus (34:14), Cathy Roos (34:15), Clint Meyer (35:11), Tom Vander Kooi (35:46) and Greg Wede (35:46).

Coming in with the fastest time for the mile run was Brad Klassen, who ran the mile in six minutes, thirty-five seconds. In second place was Ryan Price with a time of six minutes, thirty-six seconds. Rachel Salentiny finished in third place with a time of six minutes, fifty-five seconds.

The rest of the mile run results are as follows: fourth, Emmett Bickett (8:41); fifth, Brianna Preston (9:43); sixth, Tyler Jaycox (10:49); seventh, Ally Jaycox (10:50).

In the half-mile run, Karasharo Ololo came in first with Colin Schmidt, Isaiah Noble, Brianna Preston and Brooke Fisher rounding out the top five.

The rest of the half-mile results are as follows: Brynn Their, Jake Ahrenstorff, Mathias Nobles, Kyle Ahrenstorff, Jaxon Voss, Rebecca Salentiny, Ivy Jensen, Marah Purdy, Wes Widboom, Kenadie Thiner, Marin Pederson, Quin Mathis, Olivia Hayenga, Aubree Pederson, Zachary Hayenga, Cassie Slusher, Audrey Gaudian, Mandy Widboom, Dalton Larson, Ellie Czerny, Eli McLendon, Caleb Meyer, Kyler Their, Layla Berte, Brody Pederson.