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GYMNASTICS: Consistent efforts lead Worthington

Brian Korthals/Daily Globe Worthington's Liz Hayenga leaps high above the balance beam during her routine, helping the Trojans defeat Blue Earth Area on Tuesday at The Old Armory.

WORTHINGTON -- Worthington dominated three of four events during a 125.100-116.075 season-opening gymnastics win over Blue Earth Area on Tuesday at The Old Armory.

"I feel awesome because I think our girls put a full effort into the first meet of the year," Worthington coach Joni Reitmeier said. "It's always nerve-racking before the first meet. This is a starting point and we can only go up from here."

Trojan junior Paige Kinley was the all-around champion (33.275) by tying for first place in the vault (8.850) and winning the uneven parallel bars (7.625), the balance beam (8.200) and the floor exercise (8.600).

The Buccaneers' Cassie Thompson also scored an 8.850 in the vault, preventing a clean sweep by Kinley.

Worthington seventh-grader Maria Conteras placed second in the all-around (30.500), ahead of senior teammate Anna Koepsell (30.375). Blue Earth's Christina Anderson ended up fourth with 29.950 points.

Contreras finished second on the balance beam (7.075) and third in vault (8.800). Koepsell ended up second in floor exercise (8.450) and third on the balance beam (6.800).

"We have a lot of young girls on our team mixed in with some veterans," Reitmeier said. "I think we have a very talented group of young gymnasts. Once we get in better condition and gain more confidence, we're going to be on the top of game."

The Trojans' Whitney Jensen was fourth in vault (8.725), finishing ahead of the Buccaneers' Anderson (8.675).

Blue Earth Area recorded its points in the uneven parallel bars, taking three of top four places. Thompson (7.600) was the runner-up to Kinley, while Anderson ended up third (7.575) and Haley Resutek (7.475) came in fourth.

Liz Hayenga added a fourth-place effort (6.500) on the balance beam for WHS, while Jensen chipped in a third-place performance (8.375) in floor exercise.

Reitmeier was thrilled to have this type of early-season effort from the Worthington gymnasts.

"Every season, we have to start somewhere," Reitmeier said. "There is only one way to go from here and that is to go up."

Worthington won the junior varsity meet against Blue Earth Area 112.200-90.250.

The Trojans compete at New Ulm/Cathedral/Minnesota Valley Lutheran at 6 p.m. Tuesday.



1. Kinley (W) 33.275; 2. Contreras (W) 30.500; 3. Koepsell (W) 30.375; 4. Anderson (BE) 29.950.


1. (tie) Kinley (W) and Thompson (BE) 8.850; 3. Contreras (W) 8.800; 4. Jenson (W) 8.725; 5. Anderson (BE) 8.675.

Uneven Parallel Bars

1. Kinley (W) 7.625; 2. Thompson (BE) 7.600; 3. Anderson (BE) 7.575; 4. Resutek (BE) 7.475.

Balance Beam

1. Kinley (W) 8.200; 2. Contreras (W) 7.075; 3. Koespell (W) 6.800; 4. Hayenga (W) 6.500.

Floor Excerise

1. Kinley (W) 8.600; 2. Koepsell (W) 8.450; 3. Jensen (W) 8.375; 4. Anderson (BE) 7.750.