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YMCA swimming: Stingrays win 50 golds, 32 silvers in home swim meet

WORTHINGTON — In impressive fashion, the hometown Stingrays swim team racked up 50 winning events and 32 second-place events in their meet Saturday at the Worthington Area YMCA.

“As it gets later into the season it gets tougher to keep improving your times,” Stingrays coach Donna Damm said. “We swam very well.”

First place finishers from individual races at Saturday’s meet included: Erin Benz (Girls 15-and-over 200 free), Ben Doeden (Boys 15-and-over 100 IM), Blaine Doeden (Boys 11-12 50 free, 50 fly and 50 breast), Andrew Dorcey (Boys 9-10 100 individual medley), Elliot Espenson (Girls 9-10 50 back and 50 breast), Anwar Farra (Boys 11-12 100 individual medley), Jenni Flores (Girls 8-and-under 25 back), Ashley Freese (Girls 8-and-under 25 breast), Nick Freese (Boys 9-10 50 back and 50 breast), Mia Hockel (Girls 13-14 100 breast), Morgan Hockel (Girls 15-and-over 100 breast), Jakeb Hooge (Boys 8-and-under 25 back), Gina Huber (Girls 13-14 100 back), Kyle Janssen (Boys 13-14 50 free and 100 back), Sarah Janssen (Girls 15-and-over 50 free, 100 individual medley and 100 free), Cameron Jenson (Boys 15-and-over 50 free, 500 free and 100 free), Ivy Jenson (Girls 8-and-under 25 free, 25 fly and 50 free), Nathan Johnson (Boys 13-14 100 free and 100 breast), Anika Klassen (Girls 11-12 50 back), Meredith Moore (Girls 15-and-over 100 back), Ashley Muller (Girls 15-and-over 200 individual medley and 100 fly), Madison Neuberger (Girls 15-and-over 200 breast), Jamie Newman (Girls 13-14 200 free, 50 free and 100 free), and Sophie Wietzema (Girls 9-10 50 free).

Second place finishers for the Stingrays included: Kalen Brands (Boys 11-12 50 back), Ben Doeden (15-and-over 100 back), Espenson (Girls 9-10 50 free), Anwar Farra (Boys 11-12 50 breast), Sammy Farra (Boys 9-10 50 breast), Flores (Girls 8-and-under 25 free), Ashley Freese (Girls 8-and-under 25 back), Nick Freese (Boys 9-10 50 free), Emma Haren (Girls 8-and-under 50 free), Mackenzie Hockel (Girls 11-12 50 fly), Mia Hockel (Girls 13-14 50 free and 100 free), Hooge (Boys 8-and-under 25 free and 25 breast), Huber (Girls 13-14 100 breast), Kyle Janssen (Boys 13-14 100 free), Marah Purdy (Girls 9-10 100 individual medley, 50 back and 50 breast), Hannah Rahn (Girls 11-12 50 free, 100 free and 50 breast) and Wietzema (Girls 9-10 50 fly and 100 free).

In the relay events, the Stingrays first place teams included: Mixed 8-and-under 100 medley (Flores, Ashley Freese, Ivy Jenson, Haren), Girls 8-and-under 200 medley (Espenson, Kendall Nixon, Purdy and Gabrielle Chapulis), Girls 13-14 200 medley (Huber, Rahn, Mackenzie Hockel and Mia Hockel), Girls 15-and-over 200 medley (Moore, Neuberger, Muller and Sarah Janssen), Mixed 8-and-under 100 free (Ashley Freese, Flores, Ivy Jenson and Haren), Boys 10-and-under 200 free (Sammy Farra, Dorcey, Evan Lorenz and Nick Freese), Girls 11-12 200 free (Chapulis, Nixon, Klassen and Lexi Freese), Boys 11-12 200 free (Blaine Doeden, Anwar Farra, Brands and Jacob Mills), Girls 13-14 200 free (Mia Hockel, Mackenzie Hockel, Huber and Rahn), Girls 15-and-over 200 free (Neuberger, Moore, Morgan Hockel and Sarah Janssen), and Boys 15-and-over 200 free (Levi Blanchard, Bryan Doeden, Ben Doeden and Cameron Jenson).

The Stingrays’ Girls 15-and-over 200 free ‘B’ relay (Ashley Muller, Rachel Koller, Erin Benz and Newman) took second.

The Stingrays’ next home meet is January 4 against Spirit Lake and Le Mars.