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Worthington All-School Orchestra Concert is Tuesday

WORTHINGTON -- Dust off your dancin' shoes and tune up the fiddle. Next week's orchestra concert just might put you in the mood for a hoedown.

The Worthington District 518 All-School Orchestra Concert is set for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the WHS gymnasium.

"It showcases what the Worthington school district offers," said Melanie Loy, the orchestra director for District 518. "Strings are not necessarily a part of the curriculum in every school. We have a unique opportunity to hear a live orchestra."

The "FIDDLE FEST!" program will feature 150 orchestra students in grades 4-12 and will kick off with a performance of "Dargason" by the 10-member Chamber Orchestra.

"It has an Irish fiddle tune nature to it; it's a bright, fast, peppy piece," Loy explained.

The Worthington Middle School orchestra students will play four arrangements, including the lyrical and expressive "Appalachian Sunrise" and a fiddle tune called "Ridin' the Rails."

Students from Prairie Elementary will perform well-known tunes: Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," and the spiritual "Michael, Row the Boat Ashore," as well as "Cripple Creek" and "Simple Square Dance."

The high school orchestra students will play "Hoedown," and "Fiddler's Stew," a medley of folk songs, with accompaniment by senior percussionists.

Senior viola student Sameera Nalla will also play a solo viola concerto in C Minor by Friedrich Seitz, with accompaniment by the orchestra.

Awards, including the National School Orchestra Award for seniors, will be presented to outstanding middle school and high school musicians before the final arrangement.

The 10 senior orchestra students are Loy's largest graduating class to date.

"Half of them are continuing to play at college," she said. "It's a wonderful reward for them and for me for them to continue their studies at the college level."

All students will perform the final number, "Hummel Concertante" by Johan Hummel, for the fourth year.

"The elementary kids are learning an easier version, while the middle school and high school play a more advanced version. They look forward to graduating up to the more advanced part," Loy explained.

The concert is free and open to the public.