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Editorial: Honoring our high school grads

As of Wednesday afternoon, 152 students were poised to receive diplomas Friday night at Worthington High School's commencement ceremony.

Several other high school graduations will be taking place around southwest Minnesota in the coming days; our neighbors to the south in northwest Iowa have already celebrated them. It's a special time in the lives of not just the students concluding their high school days, but their families and friends, too.

In fact, graduation in many ways marks a rite of passage for an entire community, particularly in the small cities that dot our region's landscape. Given all the music concerts, theater productions and sporting events -- as well as plenty of other activities -- that have taken place over the course of graduates' K-12 education, it's a safe bet that every resident of the rural communities throughout our area has been a direct or indirect part of at least one student's life at one time or another.

There's a reason why graduation is called commencement, of course, and that's because the end of high school represents a new beginning for those wearing the caps and gowns. As we collectively congratulate graduates and wish them well as they start their new journeys, we should also thank them for the positive ways in which they've impacted our lives -- and hope they continue to do just that for many years to come as adults.