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School board updates bullying policy

WORTHINGTON -- The District 518 Board of Education approved changes to the district's policies against harassment, hazing, violence and bullying at its Tuesday meeting, making minor changes in accordance with the recommendations of the Minnesota School Board Association.

"It's better writing. The wording was changed to make the policy more easily understandable," explained Superintendent John Landgaard. "These policies are becoming more of a highlight not only in the state but nationally."

Bullying especially has become a national hot topic in recent weeks, and Landgaard said the policy already includes a provision that prohibits harassment or violence on areas not directly on school grounds; the school bus or school-related functions, for example.

Board members also approved legislative resolution addressing education funding. The resolution reads "Be it resolved that MSBA (the Minnesota School Board Association) supports legislation to establish ... that the level of per-pupil funding be established by the legislature within 30 calendar days form the submission of the governor's budget."

"The real, true intent behind this is that education is the largest part of the budget, and it's one of the primary constitutional focuses of Minnesota, and we feel it should be treated that way and dealt with first rather than last."

"This really helps with development of the budget," added board member Linden Olson.

In other business, the board on Tuesday:

* Approved employment of Tom Bruns as art teacher at the Area Learning Center, Stacy Sauerbrei as head baseball coach at Worthington High School, Lisa Feldkamp as graduation coach with Nobles County Integration Collaborative, Daniela Esseman as paraprofessional at WHS, Dan Bogie as paraprofessional at WHS, Paul Olsen as volunteer assistant girls' hockey coach at WHS.

* Approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Southwestern Minnesota Opportunity Council.

* Approved addition of a part-time Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction position. Approved district and Prairie Elementary Improvement Plans required by No Child Left Behind Adequate Yearly Progress legislation. This year, the Curriculum and Instruction Committee will oversee implementation of the plan.

* Approved revisions to the Laptop Usage Agreement and current Internet safety policies and procedures. Approved closure of the district's Wells Fargo Payroll Account.