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Sibley workforce study to begin soon

SIBLEY, Iowa — In an effort to learn more about the Sibley area workforce, the Osceola County Economic Development Commission will soon begin a employment study that will measure the availability and characteristics of Sibley area workers.

What’s termed a ‘Laborshed employment study,’ the study will examine a geographic area that will define which communities contribute to Sibley’s workforce. The study is meant to provide useful data to better understand the local labor market, make informed expansion and site selection decisions and maintain/recruit a high quality workforce.

According to a press release, in order to conduct the study, letters will be sent to employers in Sibley requesting aggregate counts of their employees’ residential ZIP codes. That information will help determine the scope and scale of Sibley’s Laborshed area and better understand where Sibley’s workforce resides.

A partnership study with the Iowa Workforce Development and Iowa Economic Development Authority, residents may receive a confidencial telephone survey from a telephone number with a 319 area code, as the call originates from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It’s also possible residents may receive a text message from an 888 number to alert of an upcoming phone call.

For more about the study, contact Osceola County Economic Development Commission Executive Director Stephanie Neppl at (712) 754-2523 or