WORTHINGTON — The city of Worthington recently presented Bedford Industries a check in the amount of $22,682.60 as part of the Bright Energy Solutions (BES) rebate program.

The BES program encourages energy-efficient choices by offering cash for the purchase of qualifying equipment. The ultimate goal of this program is to help customers save money on their electrical usage and help control the use of a valuable resource.

Martin Rickers, strategic partnerships and public relations manager at Bedford Industries, accepted the check on behalf of Bedford Industries. Vida Iten with Worthington Public Utilities and Darlene Weber-Scott with Missouri River Energy Services helped secure the rebate for Bedford Industries and presented the check.

“Bedford is fortunate to participate in the BES rebate program for our latest building campus addition, and we are pleased that our new equipment will be saving on our energy usage for years into the future,” Rickers said,

By choosing the more efficient equipment in their new addition, Bedford Industries is estimated to save 227,549 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. In addition to the rebate, these choices could mean savings of more than $26,000 each year on the company’s electric bill. The electric savings alone is enough to provide electricity to 21 homes a year.

The city of Worthington offers no-cost walk-throughs for its commercial customers to help them understand their electrical rates, usage, and ways to reduce their consumption. These visits provide valuable data on how customers are able to reduce their utility bills for many years to come.

To apply for cash incentives, customers must complete an application form and provide the required documentation to the city of Worthington. The utility currently offers cash rebates to qualified customers for many commercial and industrial programs. Additionally, the city of Worthington has rebates available for residential appliances, light bulbs, and heating and cooling equipment and air conditioner tune-ups.

Bright Energy Solutions is offered to customers of participating municipal utilities who are members of Missouri River Energy Services. For more information about the BES incentives, or to schedule a business energy-conservation walk-through, contact the utility at 372-8680 or visit www.brightenergysolutions.com/Worthington.