Q: How long has Norwood Inn & Suites had a presence in Worthington?

A: This has been a Norwood Inn for about four years now, and I’ve been general manager here for about a year and a half. There are 14 of them, I believe, and they’re in locations in Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin — all over.

Q: What kinds of amenities do you have to offer?

A: We have 108 rooms. We also have the restaurant here, the Hickory Lodge Bar & Grill. Those guys are awesome, and they do a great job. It’s a great place to eat whether you’re staying with us or not.

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We offer three banquet rooms for special occasions through the Hickory Lodge, plus we rent out our breakfast room sometimes to people if they need it.

The biggest thing is free Wi-Fi, and we cater to truckers and veterans. There’s enough parking for 20 trucks outside and we’ve got discounted rates if you’re staying weekly, or if you’re a trucker or a veteran. Seniors, obviously, get special rates as well.

We’ve also got a swimming pool that’s under construction right now; the coronavirus didn’t help us with that at all. It will be a few months before it’s ready.

Q: Are there other improvements that are being made, or have been made recently?

A: We’ve completely repainted the entire hotel on the inside since I’ve been here. We’ve updated over 38 rooms — that means everything completely redone, and it’s quite time-consuming. My maintenance staff and I have been doing the majority of the work ourselves.

Q: What kind of staff do you have, size-wise?

A: We have 12 employees, including myself. Right now we have three full-time staff and the rest are part-time, pretty much. We’ve got a good, friendly staff.

Q: How has business been these past few months?

A: I’m very grateful to the wind farm industry. I have a lot of people that stay with me that do logistical work for them. If they weren’t here, we really wouldn’t be open right now.

Of course, we love when tourists come off the interstate and stay with us ... but the bulk of our business is construction workers — the backbone of the U.S. workforce. We’re very grateful to have them.