WORTHINGTON — Bedford Industries has introduced its CloseIt Bio-Clip, its new plant-based bag closure containing 100% USDA certified biobased content that is commercially compostable. The Worthington-based manufacturer set the ambitious goal of creating a compostable clip upon introducing its line of CloseIt clips in 2018.

“We set out to do something that had not been done: deliver a closure that met global compostability standards and was made from biobased materials,” said Bedford President Jay Milbrandt in a press release.

Bio-Clip earned BPI Commercial and OK Compost Industrial certifications after undergoing rigorous evaluation by the certifying organizations in the United States and Europe, respectively. These certify Bio-Clip is compostable where industrial/commercial compost services are available. Bio-Clip also exceeded USDA ASTM D6866 testing requirements to become a USDA Certified Biobased Product.

Composed of materials derived from plant, marine or agricultural resources, Bio-Clip easily exceeds the minimum compostability requirements set forth by each certifying body.

Milbrandt said Bio-Clip presented unique engineering challenges to Bedford’s research and development team, which was tasked with developing a greener closure without sacrificing product quality.

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“Not only did we have to develop a proprietary biopolymer that would work in current automation equipment, but we also had to develop a printing technology that could deliver meaningful instructions to the end user on how to dispose of the closure,” Milbrandt said.

To learn more about Bio-Clip, visit www.closeit.com/bioclip.