A feature presentation: Crafty Corner Quilt and Sewing Shoppe highlighted in national magazine

WORTHINGTON -- Perhaps Crafty Corner Quilt and Sewing Shoppe, owned by Ken and Zuby Jansen, isn't one in a million, but one in 1,200 could be certainly viewed as special.

Connie Peters (left) and Rose Newhouse, both of Wilmont, stopped at Crafty Corner Quilt and Sewing Shoppe Monday morning along with other members of the group "Quilters along the Yellowstone Trail." (Martina Baca / Daily Globe)

WORTHINGTON - Perhaps Crafty Corner Quilt and Sewing Shoppe, owned by Ken and Zuby Jansen, isn’t one in a million, but one in 1,200 could be certainly viewed as special.


The Worthington business was recently featured in the Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade Association Magazine’s April edition as its dealer of the month. The VDTA-SDTA magazine picks one out of the 1,200 dealers who advertise with the magazine for a spotlight each month. The dealers chosen have demonstrated a high quality of products, customer service and involvement in the community.


Zuby first opened Crafty Corner as a consignment store in 1982 in a small house at the corner of Oxford Street and Omaha Avenue. She explained that her love for quilting started when her great grandmother made her a quilt when she was born that caught her attention.



“It was a very unusual quilt,” Zuby said. “So, since then, I was always interested in that.”

She said it was not long after opening her business that she realized she wanted to move it in another direction, and so she transformed it into a quilt shop. Later, Zuby asked husband Ken to help her manage the store, as he had previous managerial experience.  


“We didn't have to use it as our family income, so I started it because I just wanted to have fun and eventually it became our business,” Zuby said. “When he joined me, he took over the business part, and I was just the one who did it for fun. But when it became our livelihood, we had to be more serious.”


The store now stands on Oxford Street and clients come from Sioux Falls, S.D., and other surrounding communities to purchase Bernina sewing machines, or choose from a selection of more than 9,000 bolts of fabric and other related items. In addition, the Jansens have a certified technician available for customers to fix their sewing machines.



“I never thought that it would ever materialize to what it is today,” Zuby said. “If my home-ec teacher could see me now, she would never believe it because I was terrible as sewing. …. It seems that my project at schools were always bad.”  


Zuby and other employees teach classes such as “Beginning Quilting,” “Embroidery,” and “Using the BSR.” In addition, six guide classes are available for customers who purchase a Bernina machine. Other activities lead by the Jansens are the monthly  “Bernina Club,” where member socialized and discover new sewing techniques.


The store also sells several brands of vacuum cleaners.


Although Zuby grew up seen her mother sew,  and it has been an activity she has greatly enjoyed, she said that she doesn’t have time to quilt as much as she used to.



Ken said he is proud of being able to keep the independent store open for so many years. He added that the internet is their biggest competition, with a purchase just a click away from customers. However, he noted that the key of their success is the relationships built with their customers.


“They can sell you a product over the internet but they can’t sell you service,” Ken said. “As a retailer, if they buy it here, we are going to take care of them and service it for them, and that’s the only way we can compete with internet sales.”


When the Jansens are not managing the store they are involved with the Worthington Chamber of Commerce, Early Risers Kiwanis Club, and Helping Hands Pregnancy Center. They are also part of Community Improvement board, Governmental Affairs Board and local Parks and recreation board.


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