SIBLEY, Iowa - While the uncertainty with the weather this time of year wreaks havoc in the plans of area farmers, there’s one thing they can depend on - the financial stability of their local energy cooperative.

This month, Cooperative Energy Company will be distributing nearly $900,000 in equity (from the year 2008) to its members in northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota.

“The board of directors is committed to returning deferred equity back to its members,” Cooperative Energy General Manager Brian Dreesen said in a press release. “What a great way for us to do our part as a cooperative; to assist our producers and members in times that are more difficult than others, by paying out 2008 deferred equity.

“This is just another way our co-op stays committed to our tagline ‘Service, Value and Trust’ to

our loyal producers and members. We are very fortunate to be in this position - to have the capability to pay this out.”

Cooperative Energy, headquartered in Sibley, has paid back deferred equity over the last

five years in the amount of $1,004,000. Dreessen, along with the board of directors and the 125

employees, embrace the cooperative business model - one where the company and its patrons can share in the co-op’s success.

“Cooperatives still work for its producers/members year in and year out, in good times and in bad,” Dreesen said. “My staff, myself and the board of directors appreciates the opportunity to serve our great members and thank them for their patronage.”