JACKSON — Federated Rural Electric has announced that a two-story house will be moved from Dundee about three miles south on Monday. The house moving starts at 7:30 a.m. and requires power to be temporarily shut off; this move may take all morning.

Federated and ITC will work together to drop and lift the de-energized single-phase, three-phase and transmission lines so the house may pass underneath as it travels along Wass Avenue, also known as Jackson County 1. Federated will shut off power from the city of Heron Lake west along Jackson County 24, seven miles to Wass Avenue. About 40 Federated members in LaCrosse Township that live along County Road 24 will lose power, as well as those living north of Jackson County 16 along Wass Avenue to Dundee. In addition, residents in

Dundee and Kinbrae will also lose power during the house move.

While power is off for the house to pass, a broken cross arm on a three-phase Federated pole at the intersection of Wass Avenue and Jackson County 16 will also be replaced.