Liepold Farms to host field day Sept. 20

OKABENA — Liepold Farms is sponsoring a field day at 4:30 p.m. Sept. 20 at the farm, 38748 850th St., south of Okabena.

The event, “Innovation Field Day,” will highlight Liepold Farms Precision Ag core business of custom strip-till with precise fertilizer application. Strip tillage consists of tilling a narrow strip of soil, leaving most of the field undisturbed, and applying banded crop nutrients at potentially lower rates than conventional tillage practices. Continuous undistributed soil has greater water holding capacity and water permeability characteristics.

Liepold Farms is partnering with Indigo Ag to demonstrate innovations and new technologies in seed biological treatments to enhance plant health. Also during the event, visitors can view LaCrosse Seeds plots featuring cover crops to preserve a living soil after crop harvest, while scavenging plant nutrients and placing deep roots to enhance soil tilth.

The Minnesota Soil Health Coalition will demonstrate the effects of water permeability of various tillage practice and erosion caused by wind and rain. Also, a soil pit demonstration will identify subsoil structure characteristics.

There is no cost to attend this family-friendly educational event. An evening meal and social time is provided. Contact Liepold Farms at 360-7862 for more information.

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