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Travel plaza with Sinclair gas station, Godfather’s Pizza and Caribou Coffee coming to Worthington

WORTHINGTON — Lakeside Travel Plaza is on its way to Worthington.

The full-service Sinclair gas station and convenience store — located at the intersection of U.S. 59/Minnesota 60 and Nobles County 57 south of Worthington — will include a Caribou Coffee and Godfather’s Pizza location.

The project, being funded by a group of Worthington investors, has been delayed due to poor weather, namely excess water on the subject property. The goal is to break ground on construction by September, assuming weather cooperates.

“We’re waiting for the soil to dry off a little bit, then we’re hoping to get a run at it in September,” said Jon Weitgenant, vice president of the Lakeside Travel Plaza board.  

Once completed, the gas station will service cars and trucks, while the convenience store will provide the usual offerings and a special malt machine.

Caribou Coffee will serve coffee and other drinks in the morning, along with breakfast sandwiches and rolls. From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Godfather’s Pizza will serve its usual selection.

The group has signed contracts with both businesses, and recently inked a contract with Fullerton Building Systems for construction of the building. The group worked with Fullerton’s Julie Versteeg to create a large convenience store that can house multiple businesses. It will be built in Fullerton’s Worthington location and moved onto the property when ready.

“We’re proud that the store is being built by a Worthington business,” Weitgenant said.

Weitgenant noted the travel plaza will include the first Sinclair gas station in the Worthington area.

“They made us a very good package because Sinclair wants to be in Worthington,” Weitgenant said. “Being a nationwide company, they’ve got all the credit card opportunities for truckers.”

The travel plaza project was brought to the attention of the Worthington City Council last summer, where the council agreed to provide utilities to the site by June 1, 2018.

The travel plaza’s location has long been talked about as lacking a gas station and convenience store.

“The people on the south side of the lake and the people on the south side of Worthington are really excited for this,” Weitgenant said. “They don’t have anything nearby where they can stop in for gas or coffee.”

Weitgenant said he is excited for the project and hopes the weather cooperates, but also mentioned he doesn’t want conditions to be too dry.

“I could pray that it dries up but that is the wrong thing to do for the farmers,” he said. “More than anything, we are praying for a good crop.”