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Worthington’s McDonald’s in midst of renovations

Selvin Puaz takes an order from a customer at McDonald's in Worthington. (Karl Evers-Hillstrom / The Globe)1 / 2
Pictured is the inside of McDonalds in Worthington. (Karl Evers-Hillstrom / The Globe)2 / 2

WORTHINGTON — Workers at McDonald’s have been wearing hardhats and high-visibility jackets over the last week, and it’s not because they’re starting a new fashion trend.

The Worthington fast-food chain is currently undergoing major renovations to its dining area. Construction workers began gutting the restaurant on Aug. 20 and will complete their work by Sept. 10.

Featuring a heavy emphasis on modern wood and stone materials, the inside will be redesigned to be more open and inviting. Along with a new look, the chain will incorporate some of the company’s newest technology, such as self-ordering kiosks that have made their way to other Minnesota locations.

“We’ll have a full-time assistant helping with the kiosk, so some people say it’s taking jobs, but we’ve added two more positions for it,” said Jordan Hartshorn, co-owner of the Worthington location.

Table service will also make its way to the chain once renovations are complete. Customers will receive a table tent after making an order in person or through the kiosk. The tent is equipped with a geolocator that allows employees to find customers easily and deliver their meal.

The new, more modern look and increased use of technology is part of a nationwide McDonald’s “Experience the Future” campaign, which will only get more futuristic in the coming years.

A Spencer-area resident, Hartshorn and his father, Mike, purchased the Worthington location — along with McDonald’s locations in Spencer, Sheldon, Storm Lake and Sioux Center, Iowa — in July 2017. Right away, the two raised wages by $1 per hour for their workers.

“Community is so valuable to us,” Hartshorn said. “We value our people.”

The McDonald’s dining area is currently closed and will remain closed until renovations are complete. The drive-through is still open and busier than ever.