WILMONT —Rick and Stacy Johnson, the new owners of Wilmont Saloon No. 7, have met their goal to open Nov. 15.

Beginning at 4 p.m. Friday, the restaurant and bar will be open again for business. As a trial run, the Johnsons hosted a soft opening Saturday night.

"It went really well," Rick Johnson said. Although not every finishing touch was complete, the place was filled "wall to wall" by 10 p.m., he noted. People came from all over, including Fulda, Slayton and Pipestone.

In particular, guests were impressed with Firehouse Pizza, a favorite during the saloon's last ownership.

"Once one person gets one, the smell kind of takes over," Johnson said. The aroma caused a domino effect and before long, the saloon burned through most of its pizza inventory.

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Friday's grand opening will unveil the new bottom-fill tap. Johnson demonstrated that beer mugs used for the tap have a hole in the bottom. When the mug is full, a magnet is dropped in the bottom to seal the mug from spilling.

The novelty of a bottom-filled beer is so fascinating that many people's first instinct is to lift their mug in the air and poke the magnet, causing the beer to spill everywhere. Anticipating that people might need a reminder, the Johnsons will display signs near the bar that read "Don't poke or you'll get soaked" and "Don't poke the beer."

Regular saloon hours will be 11 a.m. through 1 a.m. daily, with off-sale liquor available until 10 p.m.