WORTHINGTON - DeWayne McIntyre spent several years in the Kansas City, Mo. area, as well as many years in Maryville, Mo.


He likes the size of Maryville - with a population of slightly less than 12,000 people - better, and that’s reason he’s now happy to be in Worthington, where he’s Hy-Vee’s new store director. McIntyre began his duties at the store on Nov. 26.


McIntyre grew up in the rural northwest Missouri community of Hopkins, which has less than 500 residents, before later heading off to college at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville. He graduated with a degree in public relations.


”That’s when I began my Hy-Vee career,” McIntyre said last week in his office. “I was actually recruited by Hy-Vee to work there, and then started in Kansas City. I went back to Maryville after working in Kansas City for a year, and was at the Hy-Vee there for four years.”


From Maryville, McIntyre was transferred to the Hy-Vee in Liberty, Mo., a suburban community located northeast of Kansas City.


“I kind of made my way up,” McIntyre explained. “I worked my way up to assistant manager at Maryville and then took a lateral position in Liberty, but that was a bigger store. I’ve been through different training programs - they’re called Hy-Vee University - and I actually helped oversee a few stores when they were without a director temporarily. This is my first assignment as a full-time store director.”


McIntyre said he was a little familiar with Worthington before making the move northward, and was - and remains - attracted to the opportunities the city and and surrounding area offer.


“My wife (Danielle) and I are super excited to come to a place that’s community-minded and close-knit,” he said. “We’re both outdoors enthusiasts, so we’re super excited about that, too. I’m also looking forward to getting involved in Worthington.”


McIntyre noted that was involved in his church as well as Rotary and Lions clubs while in Maryville. He and his wife - also a Hy-vee employee, though not in Worthington - also became parents not long ago, as they have a 1-year-old daughter, Graclyn.


Even though he’s only been in Worthington a short time, McIntyre is confident that coming to Worthington was an excellent decision.


“I cannot even begin to tell you how welcoming everyone has been,” he said. “Just getting to know everybody has been great. I’ve already been offered so much … and it’s great to be among people so willing to help out the new guy.


“I also have, in my mind, some of the best employees in the whole Hy-Vee company,” McIntyre added. “They all care about customer service and help with such great enthusiasm.”