WORTHINGTON - If you frequently complain, “I can never lose weight,” you may not know how very wrong you are.

Due to the wonders of the human body’s largest organ - the epidermis - the constant shedding of skin cells (at the rate of 30,000 to 40,000 lost every minute, according to kidshealth.org) results in each of us losing approximately 1.6 pounds in the form of sloughed-off skin annually.

And that’s why Doug Frisch of Rune’s Furniture & Carpet Company in downtown Worthington says it’s advisable to replace your mattress about every eight years.

“Any time of the year is a good time for a new mattress,” said Frisch, co-manager of Rune’s with his brother Dave.

“Springtime can be especially favorable because of the seasonal curbside trash pickups in Worthington and surrounding towns.

“People are literally cleaning house.”

Conveniently, the Frisches are overseeing a Memorial Day “Mattress Super Sale” at Rune’s, which has been a locally managed fixture in Worthington since 1957.

“There are a lot of weddings in the summer months, so couples may be looking for new mattresses or bedroom sets, kids are graduating from college or high school and might need a bed for a new apartment, and snowbirds returning from the south are maybe ready for a new mattress when they get back,” listed Frisch.

And though there’s a large “ew” factor in contemplating this, research shows that after 10 years, as much as 10 pounds of dead skin can accumulate in a typical mattress (per rd.com) - which might explain why your older mattress just doesn’t have the same floating properties or level of “give” that it did when it was new.

“It’s amazing how many skin cells you shed every night,” said Frisch.

“After seven to 10 years of continuous use - and that’s about the length of most mattress warranties - you should probably switch out your mattress for a fresh one,” he advised.

“It will be fresher and cleaner, and you will likely sleep better, too.”

Nevertheless, Frisch says it’s not uncommon to see customers who’ve retained the same tired mattresses for upwards of three decades.

“We’ve definitely seen some 30+-year-old mattresses,” laughed Frisch. “People should have switched them out long before that.”

It’s the special customer service Rune’s offers that has allowed the Frisches insight into such personal consumer habits; Rune’s continues to provide free delivery to buyers within a 50-mile radius of Worthington, and their delivery force doesn’t play the modern game of ding-dong ditch.

“We’ll bring in whatever product you’ve ordered and set it up - and that goes for beds, couches, armchairs, you name it,” said Frisch.

They charge a modest fee for disposal of old mattresses or other worn-out furniture, but they’re happy to remove such items at the customer’s request if pre-arranged with store staff.

“Not a lot of stores do that these days,” said Frisch of the store’s delivery/set-up and disposal policies. “We’ve learned that a lot more stores are charging for delivery and just dropping things off on people’s doorsteps.”

Restonic is the main bedding line at Rune’s, and Frisch mentions that newer mattress models feature elements like pillow tops and memory foam (for cooler sleep and sustained back support).

“We still have the Master Sleep products, too, which are from a 100-year-old company out of Omaha, Neb.,” said Frisch. “They make the traditional two-sided mattresses that you can flip.”

But what type of mattress to buy?

“It’s all a matter of personal preference,” said Frisch. “You have to lay on one to really know what you want, and we have at least 14 different kinds in our store for you to test.”

Besides mattresses and bedroom sets, Rune’s has about 15 different styles of recliners and sofas, including those with the increasingly popular “motion” or power reclining options.

“We can help you special order just about any color, too,” said Frisch.

Additionally, Rune’s offers an extensive collection of living room furniture, dining sets, lamps and home décor such as pictures and mirrors. Flooring - carpet and vinyl - is also part of Rune’s service selection.

“Come on in to see what we have,” said Frisch. “If you live in town, we can usually give you same-day delivery.”

So maybe today is the day you choose to lose the 10 million dust mites that are lurking in your 10-year-old mattress?

“We have plenty of mattresses in stock,” assured Frisch.

Rune’s Furniture & Carpet Company is located at 106 11th St., Worthington. The store is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 376-6145 for more information