Trends Salon expands their business

WORTHINGTON -- When Guidepoint Pharmacy moved into its new location and vacated the building that also houses her Trends Salon, owner Kris Bosma saw an opportunity to expand into a new segment of the beauty business.

Beth rickers/Daily Globe Glo by Trends owner Kris Bosma shows off one of the salon's new lay-down tanning beds, the largest beds available in the industry.

WORTHINGTON -- When Guidepoint Pharmacy moved into its new location and vacated the building that also houses her Trends Salon, owner Kris Bosma saw an opportunity to expand into a new segment of the beauty business.

Instead of finding new renters, she and husband Brian chose to invest in a total remodel of the space and equipment for a tanning salon. Glo by Trends opens for business today at 923 Sixth Ave. in downtown Worthington.

The Trends salon and Glo by Trends will be two separate businesses, Bosma explained, although they will be connected with an entry.

"I have five employees," for Glo by Trends, "who will all be Smart Tan certified," she said, referring to an online webinar and testing process. "They will be knowledgeable about tanning and know how to give a skin analysis for skin type so they can consult with the clients about how long to tan for their skin type. They will teach our clients how to tan smart."

Tanning beds have gotten a bad reputation, Bosma explained, but the tanning process can actually provide health benefits if done properly.


"There are so many good things about it," she asserted. "It provides vitamin D, and it does help with certain skin conditions, arthritis, different medical conditions and seasonal disorders."

With room to expand in the future, Glo by Trends will start out with two traditional lay-down beds.

"They are 46-bulb beds, the largest ones you will ever see," Bosma said. "You can really spread out and get comfortable in them. They are medium pressure, which means that 12 minutes is the maximum time you can go in one. We will also have one stand-up bed, which is also medium pressure."

Some clients prefer the lay-down beds because of the relaxation factor, she explained, while others feel they can get a more even tan in the stand-up model.

For those who want to get color without exposing their skin to any ultraviolet light, Glo by Trends also has a Versa Spa spray booth.

"It is the No. 1 rated UV-free spray booth," said Bosma. "A moisture preparation is sprayed on first, then the bronzer is sprayed on. There's an option of an anti-aging treatment afterward, too. There are also drying sessions between each application."

Bosma has experienced the Versa Spa treatment firsthand, and "got so many compliments" on the realistic tan she achieved.

Glo by Trends is the first salon to have spray tanning locally. To introduce the process to the Worthington community, Bosma will offer an introductory session at a reduced rate. She went to Sioux Falls, S.D., to be trained in the process.


"You're not exposing your skin to UV," she said. "There are a lot of people who, because they are on certain medications, can't be in the sun or exposed to UV rays. This is another option for them. "

There's also the immediate gratification of an instant tan, a benefit for people who are anticipating a special occasion or trip.

"The booth has an open-air design so you can feel relaxed and comfortable during the Versa Spa experience," Bosma added.

The entire Glo by Trends salon has been designed to ensure that clients will have a relaxing and safe tanning experience.

"We totally gutted the place -- the ceiling, the walls, the floor," Bosma said. "We installed all new electrical and a new air conditioning unit. The decoration is state-of-the-art. We wanted it to feel very warm and welcoming. All the lighting is just through wall sconces to keep that relaxing ambience."

Glo by Trends will stock Designer Skin lotions to enhance the tanning experience.

"All our clients are required to buy their own protective eyewear," said Bosma, noting that several kinds will be available for purchase, including the one-time disposable variety. "They will have to show it before they tan. "

Glo by Trends will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturday from 8:30 to 5 p.m. To make an appointment, phone 343-3443.

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