It’s easy to satiate any and all stomach grumblings at the International Festival.

With treats from several different ethnic backgrounds on tap and no admission fee to flatten your wallet upon arrival, the festival’s tempting food scene means there’s no one to blame but yourself if you walk away less than full.

“There are some new vendors and several returning ones,” said Leann Enninga, vice-chair of the International Festival’s planning committee.

“I always love the eggrolls and papusas, but I like the chance to walk around and get a little bit of everything — and how fun is that?”

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It isn’t every week in Worthington that a person can grab a little Liberian snack one hour, some West Texas barbecue another, a Caribbean rice dish later on and top it all off with ice cream or a sno cone.

But this weekend happens to be THAT TIME, and adventurous eaters can take their pleasure with a few Alexander Hamilton greenbacks in tow.

Elaine Watson, a longtime International Festival proprietor who will be present again this year with her Mama Wattz West Texas Ribs & Barbecue — plus assorted flavors of elephant ears for good measure — coordinated the 2021 food vendors.

“We’re happy to have all the vendors, and the variety they represent,” said Enninga.

Whether your tastes trend towards Mexican, Asian, barbecue or just plain cold, creamy and refreshing, the International Festival food court should have what it takes to please your palate.

Scheduled 2021 food vendors include:

  • The Long Branch

  • KC BBQ

  • SDSU Ice Cream

  • The Lao Temple

  • Tacos Jalisco

  • Mama Watzz West Texas Ribs & BBQ

  • Caribbean Kitchen & Grill

  • Tetest (Liberian food from Elaine Knuckles)

  • Las Olivias

  • Frutissimo

  • Sandra Pineda

  • Sibley’s Tropical Sno