WORTHINGTON — Worthington's Winterfest celebration, which was scheduled to begin with multiple events Friday night and continue through Saturday, has been postponed because of the pending weather forecast for heavy snow and high winds.

All Winterfest activities will now take place on Saturday, Feb. 1. Following a Worthington Winterfest Committe meeting Thursday afternoon, the following schedule changes were announced:

*The YPN Puzzle Tournament will begin at 9 a.m..

* The Bean Bag Tournament registration will open at 2:30 p.m., with games beginning at 3 p.m.

* The Dart Tournament is cancelled and will not take place.

* Details for the YMCA Fitfest are still being determined.

* Red Hot Chili Cook-off contestants can start setting up at 2:30 p.m. at the Worthington Event Center, and judging will take place at 4 p.m. The chili will be ready for public tasting and people's choice judging at 5 p.m., and go until 7 p.m. The band Too Drunk To Fish will start playing at 7 p.m.

* As for outdoor activities, decisions are still being made on what will happen with the Deep Freeze Dip. The SW MN Fishing Derby will not take place, but the fishing club is cooking up an alternative that will be announced in the coming weeks.

* The Frosty Riders Fun Run will take place on Feb. 1 with the same times as previously planned, but the raffle will still take place at 7 p.m. this Saturday. There will be a live feed on the club's Facebook page.

* As for the Snowman Hunt, keep looking for those rocks, which can be brought to the event center on Feb. 1 at any time during the day. The drawing for the community gift basket will take place at about 6:30 p.m.

Medallion found

Nathan Kness had finished his work Thursday afternoon at Nienkerk Construction when he decided to go medallion hunting.

"I was talking to a buddy (Anthony Bui) this morning and told him it was too cold to go look," Kness said Thursday afternoon at the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce, where he claimed his prize of $100 in Chamber Bucks. "Then I heard on the radio that it still hadn't been found. My buddy told me to go look by the dragon (on the Centennial Park) playground — the clue said 'heat' and 'warming thing up.'"

Kness headed over there in the neighborhood of 4 p.m. and checked the suggested spot to no avail. He then strolled around and looked by the park's picnic tables, with no luck. He then opted to investigate an area with grills — after all, they're all about heat and warmth.

"The first grill I looked at, there it was," Kness said. "It was in a Ziplock bag ... and I actually thought it was a piece of trash at first.

"There were footprints everywhere (in the park), but not over by the grills."

It's the second time that Kness, who resides in Adrian, has a found a Worthington festival medallion, as he successfully located the King Turkey Day medallion on a previous occasion. So, what does he plan to do with his Chamber Bucks?

"I'l probably take my girlfriend out," he said.

Here are the five clues written for finding this year's Winterfest medallion:

1. It's Winterfest time, with plenty of fun,

Outside playtime to please everyone!

A medallion is hiding somewhere in town,

Follow the clues and then hunt it down!

2. The theme is Beach Party, but it's not beach season,

This fun treasure hunt gives us a good reason

To play in the snow that we sink to our knees in.

We still play outside, although things are freezin'.

3. Life's a Beach and this city has many.

Places to find the medallion are plenty!

A shoreline adventure where there's lots of fun,

Keep solving the clues until we're all done.

4. Look at what's new, because stuff's piling up here.

Add some heat and the piles disappear.

We're warming things up with outdoor laughter,

If you find the treasure, then turn it in after!

5. Walk through the cold to where there's a bash.

It should be close by to a place we can splash.

Check in a place where there might be some ash,

And you could go home with a good chunk of cash!