Anyone wanting to dance the night away during the final evening of Windsurfing Regatta and Music Festival will not be disappointed.

Sweet Siren will take the Sailboard Beach stage at 9 p.m. on Saturday, June 12, and the band promises to deliver a set list of popular favorites to keep the crowd moving..

“It’s all high-energy dance music,” said Jeff Schreiner, a founding member of Sweet Siren and a guitarist/vocalist for the group. “We’ll play a mixture of a lot of top 40 pop, country and rock; more on the side of the pop.”

Schreiner said the band has been around as Sweet Siren for about 13 years, with its current lineup reflecting a combination of old and new members.

“The singer I have right now, Carolyn Curfman, was a founding member.” Schreiner said. “She was in the band for over three years, but then she had to leave because of family, career, and this and that. She was out of the band for about seven years, and during that time we had another singer … When she left and started a family, Carolyn was ready to come back and hit it with us.”

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Besides Schreiner and Curfman, Sweet Siren includes Jethro Arola (bass/vocals), who Schreiner said has “been with us for a few years,” and Kent Christan (drums), who joined about two years ago.

Schreiner explained that Sweet Siren covers a lot of current well-known female artists during the course of a set, with songs from such performances as Lady Gaga and Pink sure to be on the list.

“Everybody who’s pretty much a pop star now, we’re doing.” he said. “Carolyn does about 50 percent of the lead singing, and I’d say I do about 35 percent and Jethro about 15 percent.”

Schreiner resides in the St. Cloud Area, and he describes Sweet Siren as a Minnesota-based band that performs all over the five-state area. The group is particularly focused on playing events and festivals across this part of the Midwest, and is connected with an agency that helps schedule dates for numerous acts.

“It’s very helpful being with that group of bands,” Schreiner said. “It’s a really good family, when you think about it. All the bands support each other.”

Schreiner noted that Sweet Siren enjoyed an opportunity in 2019 to play for troops in Europe. It was supposed to do so again last year, but COVID interfered, and the group is now scheduled to perform for troops in England, Belgium and Germany in 2022.

Another big event for the band’s career was taking the stage at the 2019 Twin Cities Pride Festival. It had been booked for that festival in 2020, but the pandemic canceled that gig as well.

“We’ve had a lot of highlights over the years and are always looking for new ones,” Schreiner said. “Just hearing about the Regatta … and doing a little research about it, it looks like it’s very well organized and well attended. We’re looking forward to it, and it’s going to be another cool thing to add to our resume.”