SLAYTON — The public is invited to order ahead of time for a meal of drive-through comfort food between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Nov. 6 at the Murray County Fairgrounds 4-H building.

Thr Murray County Historical Society fundraiser will feature Janet Timmerman’s Smith Family Recipe for homemade Hoosier chicken and noodles. This is not soup, but rather a thick comforting stew served over real mashed potatoes. Handed down for generations, this dish is a staple in Indiana and is served at many a church dinner there.

The cost per meal is $10, which will include chicken and homemade egg noodles over mashed potatoes, a side of cabbage slaw and a homemade bar. Participants can also order a quart of chicken and noodles and a pint of fresh mashed potatoes to freeze or eat later for $15.

All proceeds go toward a new sign and landscaping at the corner of the Dinehart Holt House yard.

To order, contact (507) 836-6533 or, and to pick up your food, drive past the front doors of the 4-H building. Cash and checks are accepted.